well, i’m officially a resident of atlanta. except that i don’t have a georgia driver’s license, or license plates, or a job. lol.
the drive down here was a total pain in the ass. erik’s flight wound up getting crazy delayed friday so we got a late start on saturday, then hit tons of traffic on the way and wound up finally getting in at 4am, ugh. 14 hours in a truck together and we surprisingly didn’t want to kill each other afterward. a good sign, yes? 🙂
anyway, the house is fantastic. needs a little cleaning since it was unoccupied for about a month (dead bugs, live bugs, ewww) but otherwise it’s perfect.
rob and kitty came over on sunday to help us move-in and unpack and whatnot.
we don’t really have any furniture yet so unpacking is slightly difficult.
our fridge was delivered today. a huge 25cuft bottom-freezer french-door LG that’s absolutely gorgeous.
i’m in love.
we went couch shopping yesterday and found a few things that looked promising but haven’t purchased anything yet.
i’m gonna run to target in a bit and pick up so
me stuff.
being a homeowner is so much fun!!
the first night we spent at home (home, what a lovely word!) we fell asleep with the blinds in the bedroom open, since it overlooks the backyard/woods we have total privacy, and watched the fireflies flickering in the dark. so romantic, so peaceful, so perfect.
i’m incredibly grateful to be out of philly.
we have really nice neighbors here which is a fantastic change from the jerks who lived upstairs at my old place.
i’m also incredibly grateful to erik for making this happen.

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