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September 4, 2007

so it’s been a while since i’ve updated, as usual, but this time i have a good reason! i got a job!
yup. it’s true. i am no longer unemployed. i’m the sales and marketing coordinator for TSI Solutions in Stone Mountain, Georgia.
they are a distributor of automation and motion controls. i know that might sound boring to most people, but since i am a lover of all things mechanical and whatnot, i’m enjoying it.
everyone there is really cool; people mess with each other and the official language of the office is sarcasm. last week someone hid one of my shoes. they’re all super nice and fun to be around. most of the guys are gearheads which is nice too 🙂
so that’s been keeping me busy… what else. nothing major to report on otherwise. it’s september. this month is gonna be insanely hectic for me.
things with erik are fantastic. i couldn’t ever have imagined it was possible to be this happy. i love living with him. i love our house. i love that we are living together in *our* house. i love falling asleep in his arms and waking up next to him.
i’m so happy 🙂
he’s in NJ right now for work and the house feels incredibly empty without him. he has to go to Los Angeles on friday (also for work) and, because he is the awesomest boyfriend ever, he used his miles to get me a ticket so i could come too!(!!!) that means i’ll get to see all my friends (J and Scotty i love you guys!) and say hi to california and the pacific 😀 jghsdfkgd i’m just soooo excited, i can’t wait!
we’re coming back super late sunday night/monday morning (getting in at 6am, eesh) and then heading straight to work. gonna be in Chicago for two days the week after next for work. then mommy’s coming to visit. and EJ in december!
okay, gotta be up early tomorrow so it’s bedtime now.