so as much as i think myspace is incredibly lame, there are days like today when i am very glad it exists, if only to make it easier for me to get back in touch with people i care about, and those same people to find me after however many years.
it’s so strange lately how i’ve been getting back in touch with lots of people (talking to mikey right now).
talked to my old boyfriend mat today for like an hour, out of nowhere, which was fantastic and made me really happy to hear from him.
word on the street is that doug is now modeling for calvin klein and marc jacobs. impressive.
it’s awesome, i’m so glad that i haven’t completely lost touch with everyone i loved (and still do!!!!)
so, in other news, the DGTrials event last weekend went well. we had a ton of drivers and nobody had any major incidents (other than one dude completely losing his driverside rear wheel in one of the turns… that’s what happens when you don’t torque lug nuts properly people!) and a decent amount of spectators.
being that this was my *first* DG event
other than the Limerock event in CT years ago (and when i used to go watch Drift Out Wednesdays at Englishtown and Beaverun before i ever met Erik) i had a great time and i’m really happy i’m finally getting able to help. i met some really cool people.
afterwards we all went to korean bbq to celebrate the one year anniversary of Sae’s passing (RIP buddy, you are deeply missed and very much loved).
sunday we went to visit his grave to pay respect and i finally got to say goodbye (i was in philly when he died and couldn’t get down here in time for the funeral). his headstone says “Sae Koo Kang – Who Loved Car Race” it’s so cute, silly korean engrish 🙂
that’s about it for now. yeah, i know, it’s friday and 1030pm and i’m at home updating my livejournal. nothing wrong with that. erik’s beta testing some new video game and i am *finally* enjoying my first downtime in over a month. doing nothing is perfect at the moment.
and with that, i am gonna go read a book. yay weekend!!

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