Other than the fantastic Georgia summer rainstorms/downpours that leave the streets literally steaming after a hot day (SO cool!), this is one of the major reasons I love living in Atlanta…
my house lizard, George
This is George. He lives on my house, usually behind the rain gutter that runs down the side near the front door. He greets me when I come home from work everyday. George is about 4-5″ from head to tail. He’s cute 🙂
In other news, Wilma is back!
Erik and I went to Gerard and Gellian’s the other week for poker night with some friends. Gerard was excited that he had bought a 240SX and couldn’t wait for me to see it. We got there after it had gotten dark and once we pull into the driveway I’m struck by how familiar the car looks. I was talking to Gerard and laughing about how his “new” S13 reminded me of my “old” S13; same crappy black house-paint paint job, same crappy dents and rust repair attempts, etc etc.
As we’re laughing abo
ut how much “his” reminded me of “mine”, I notice a masked man walk our from behind his garage. My initial thought? WTF was one of his neighbors doing walking around behind his garage at night wearing a ninja mask? My next thought? Why is that masked ninja speaking Japanese to me and OMG IT’S RONNY!!!
Turns out Ronny and Gerard had conspired together to surprise me; Ronny drove down from Ohio to check out Atlanta and look for a post-graduation job and to return Wilma to me. So cool! I love my sneaky bastard friends 😉
So anyway, I’ve got both my girls again. Unfortunately, only the G20 is registered/insured… for now!

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