Happy Halloween!

My very first Halloween being a homeowner!
To play catch up, this past weekend was bananas. Saturday morning (like 7:30am) we left to drive up to Nashville. That’s right ladies and gents, Tennessee. Add another state to the list of ones I’ve been to (I’m somewhere up in the high 30s at this point).
NOPI had asked us (DGTrials) to put on a drift demo between the races at a Monster Truck competition at Nashville SuperSpeedway. We got three guys and three cars to meet us up there to actually drive. Anyway, so we got up there super early (after having stopped at The World’s Largest Fireworks Store!!1!!!oneone!!1eleventyonex0rz! to get some explosive goodies) and watched them set up the “track”, which generally consisted of big heavy John Deere rental backhoes and crawler loaders hauling huge piles of dirt around. At one point the drivers were shooting each other with airsoft guns which was pretty funny to watch considering what they were doing/driving. After a while one of the guys figured the guns weren’t doing a good enough job so he took an en
tire bucket full in his loader and proceeded to dumb in directly on top of the other guy’s loader, over his head. Pretty funny when you consider it was probably close to 1,000lbs of dirt πŸ™‚
The actual event itself was really cool. I’ve never seen Monster Trucks in person before and was really amazed by the technology and fabrication and engineering that goes in to them. Plus seeing them destroy stuff and be loud and rarg and monsterrrrr is just really dope. Plus, media passes do have their benefits!
Anyway, drove home after, got in to ATL around 4:45am, went to bed. Poor Erik had to get up at 6:30am to head to Turner to set up the track for the DG Private Day/Instructional Clinic but because he’s wonderful he let me sleep in and I woke up at 10am and drove down to help out (mostly me just sitting and staring trying to stay awake and having people sign waivers). The event went well, as usual. Each driver got well over 100+ runs and destroyed multiple sets of tires. You know that saying “the sweet smell of success”? Yeah, well, that smell is smoking tires and burning rubber.
Erik borrowed this guy’s car to do a few runs in, his first time drifting in about a year. I rode along with him which I found incredibly amusing/strange being that we’ve been together almost three years now, we got together *because* of his racing, and this was the *first* time I ever rode with him. C
razy right?
Anyway, that was the weekend. It was every bit as exhausting as it seems, and then some. We were supposed to go to the Smashing Pumpkins show last night but it freaking got postponed because their drummer had to go and have a heart attack or something. Lame!! Hope he’s okay though.
Yesterday I had a really crappy day, work was poopy, just overall “ick”. When I was driving home, Gerard called (he and Gellian were supposed to go to SP with us) and decided we should all go to dinner instead. They beat me home, as did Erik, and when I pulled into the driveway all blah and blarg, Erik surprised me with a really pretty bouquet of flowers. For no reason at all! He didn’t even know I was having a crappy day. He just said “I realized I hadn’t gotten you flowers in a while” and smiled. He’s so wonderfully thoughtful. πŸ™‚
Today he brought me books. Since we don’t have a tv in the bedroom (yet?) I usually read for about 45 minutes before bed to help me sleep. Yaaay books!
So now I’m sitting at home watching Good Eats and handing out candy to My Very First Trick-or-Treaters at Our Very First House and it is surprisingly wonderful. All the kids are totally cute and very polite (please, thank you, etc., one even gave us a hand-made Happy Halloween card!) and I’m actually having lovely time, as long as those little bastards don’t eat all my candy and l
eave me empty handed! πŸ˜‰

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