Dude, I got a Dell!

So I haven’t updated in a bit and there’s a reason for it- my laptop ate yet another hard drive. That’s right, only took 6 months this time and brings the grand total to four drives in six years. I think it’s because the thing runs so damn hot that it just fries them.
Anyway, I gave up on it for good and bought a new laptop, which I am still on the fence about whether I love it or hate it. I got a Dell Inspiron 1525 in pink (of course) with Vista (bleh) and I’m not exactly thrilled. The machine itself is great (Core 2 Duo 2.0ghz, 160gb 7200rpm hd, 3gb ram, etc. and a 160gb external hd) but Vista is, well, uncomfortable. And, since it’s a 15.4″ widescreen as compared to my 15″ standard, I actually lost about 1.5″ of vertical viewing space. Ugh. I guess it’ll just take time for me to get used to it… I spent every single day of the past six years with the Gateway (which I love beyond words, and miss terribly now) so I’m sure this whole “unsure” thing is just part of the getting-used-to-something-else process.
Dell Inspiron 1525 and external hard drive
Dell Inspiron 1525 notebook and Iomega 160gb external hard drive
My new job is great so far. Everyone here is really cool, the work is interesting, and the company (TMP Worldwide Advertising & Communications) is awesome. Hours are great (9am-5pm), tons of PTO days and holidays, everyone uses Trillian for inter-office communication (hah) and they even cater lunch for the entire office every Thursday and breakfast every Friday!
Although it goes without saying I miss my buddies back at TSI a lot. It sucks not being there anymore and not being able to act like a rere with my customer service homies (Hi John!!) but, unfortunately, being able to pay the bills takes priority over everything else.
So the other day someone on a German Nissan forum found my i<3boost site and posted a link… in three days I had gotten 150+ hits from Germany, Austria, Switzerland, etc. checking out my car and whatnot. Totally random, but pretty cool I think 😉

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