time can make strangers of the best of friends…

First things first (and yes, this is directed towards a specific person):
I know you read this frequently and check up on me often. I think it’s really nice that after all this time we both still care how each other is doing (yes, I check up on you occasionally as well). But what I think would be even nicer is if you actually took the time to say hey instead of just being IP address that I see in my logs.
You should know who you are.
If you think it’s you but aren’t sure, just assume it is anyway. kthx.
Okay, now on to more amusing things.
Yesterday morning at work my coworker Chad and I are sitting around doing the usual and all of a sudden he points to the floor near our cubes and asks “what’s that?” There was a crumpled up ball of fabric on the floor. I said ‘I dunno, but let’s poke it with a stick!’ So he grabs a pencil and picks the object up. What was it? A black thong. Yup, someone’s underwear. We have absolutely no idea where it came from or who it belonged to. I’m assuming it was static-clinged to someone who had recently done laundry
and didn’t notice it and it fell off as they walked by (since it was clean I am guessing it had been laundered recently). At least, I’m hoping that’s what happened. Some people came by to look at “it” and giggled like children. Eh, I guess you had to be here. What’s my point? I wound up with a stranger’s panties in my trash can. Yeah, it’s never a dull day here at TMP.
What else… bought a new 30gig hard drive for my iPod that kerploded this summer and hopefully it’ll get here soon so I can revive the poor thing.
Erik and I tried to seal our deck last weekend (because the weather was absolutely gorgeous!) but failed. Apparently the people we bought the house from never cleaned or maintained it so we spent all day Sunday just cleaning the damn thing. It took forever and actually made a pretty big difference, but we’ve still got some work ahead of us before we actually get to seal it. Oh well, such is the life of a homeowner šŸ™‚
Had the windshield replaced in the G *again*. It got nicked by a rock a couple weeks ago on the freeway on the drive to work and (since we were having cold weather at the time) spread to about half the width of the thing. Oof. Only cost $178 though, and the guy did an awesome job, so I really can’t complain.
Well, that’s it for now. And seriously, You, shoot me an IM or something and say hey, ok? Let’s not be strangers
after all this time…

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