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The Garbage State – Why (n)Ew Jersey Sucks

May 15, 2008

When I was a senior in college, I had an assignment to write a paper about a controversial topic. We had to choose something we felt strongly about and convince the reader of our point of view. While most kids chose issues like abortion and gay marriage, I couldn’t help but choose the one subject I really am passionate about – hating New Jersey.
I wrote this paper, titled “The Garbage State – Why n(Ew) Jersey Sucks” and figured I’d post it here. I think it’s pretty awesome, and I hope you all enjoy hating NJ too!
*read me*


more ponies!

May 2, 2008

So last weekend EJ came in from Utah to visit. I hadn’t seen her since December so needless to say I was pretty much thrilled. I took Friday off from work to spend with her and we went and checked out Georgia State (she’s thinking about moving to Atlanta and doing grad school there) which was fun. Afterwards we went out to dinner with a bunch of friends and she hit it off with one of the Boys which made me a happy panda.
Saturday we (me & Erik and EJ & Rob) went riding again at Rancho Loma Linda. I rode this big (well, big for a Peruvian) palomino mare named Sassy who was so incredibly comfortable it was amazing and EJ rode the little mare Castania that I rode last time. After the ride we came back, unsaddled and bathed the horses and then it was time for lunch! Angel & Andrea BBQ’d for us and everyone hung around just enjoying the weather and the horses and the food and the tequila. Oh, yes, there were multiple bottles of Cuervo being passed around… as usual 🙂
Eventually it was
time for more riding, and they started bringing out more horses. First, Jack (the lovely man who owns Luchador, the stallion I rode last time) brings out another incredibly gorgeous black Peruvian Paso Fino stallion named Espejo de Fenix and tells me to get on. Espejo is Lucho’s sire and absolutely amazing. Jack told me he hadn’t been ridden in a month and had never been ridden bareback before. Other than a couple times I could feel him arch his back (thinking about bucking because he was feeling good), he was an angel. It’s amazing how well behaved those two horses are and an honor to have ridden them both.
After I rode Espejo for about 30-40 minutes, I wound up riding Wayne’s Missouri Fox Trotter, Reveille, again with only a halter. She is by far the smoothest horse I’ve ever ridden and I’m totally in love with her. Then it was EJ’s turn, and then Erik’s (it was only his fourth time ever on a horse, and his first time bareback!). I rode Wayne’s other horse, a Saddlebred named Yankee for a bit who was also incredibly smooth. Next I somehow wound up on Varon (Peruvian Paso) and “raced” Yankee which was totally weird being that the two horses weren’t trotting or cantering, they were only gaiting but still going pretty fast. After bareback Varon I had the honor of riding Patron under saddle. Now that is a fun horse! Not to mention gorgeous 🙂
At one point Wayne was sitti
ng on Revy and someone else on Yankee and Wayne was tapping on the barn with his hands which spooked Yankee which in turn spooked Revy and poor Wayne got dropped in the gravel and split his elbow open pretty badly. We bandaged him up with a legwrap and after a few more shots of tequila, he was as good as new.
After riding was Cuervo, dinner (delicious!), some table dancing (thanks to Wayne), some salsa dancing, and lord only knows what else. I LOVE this barn! And, I LOVE Angel & Andrea, Wayne & Kim, Jack & Edna and the rest 😀

me riding Patron at Rancho Loma Linda in Cochran, GA.
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What else…
Today’s been slow… other than me changing my coworker’s tire in the parking lot in a skirt and heels (yup, it was definitely interesting to watch), not much has been going on… at least it’s Friday!!
Edit: So it’s 5:50pm, I got home from work a little while ago… as I was turning into our subdivision, there was a goddamn *vulture* sitting in the middle of the road picking at a smushed squirrel. A vulture! Seriously! I pulled up next to him and stared at him like ‘uhh wtf are you doing here mr. vulture?’ and he looked at me like “I dunno but why are you watching me eat?” and then I drove away. I know, I know, completely random… but wow. Wasn’t expecting that today!