my little toe

So last Monday, Erik and Ronny and I went to grab some food at our favorite local burrito place and sat outside to enjoy the weather and our meal. About halfway through, I felt something bite my toe (I was wearing sandals). It was a quick, sharp pain. I didn’t say anything because I was afraid Erik would tease me for imagining it (since I’m such a complete and total bug-wuss).
Later that night, I noticed a little red bump on my toe and it was a little sore. I knew I wasn’t imagining it! I shoved my foot in Erik’s face and was like “Seeee? I told you so!”.
Today, I looked online and it seems to be a Fire Ant bite. Eh, it happens… But what angers me most is that this stupid fire ant came into *my* shoe, uninvited, and bit *my* toe! It’s not like I shoved my foot into the fire ant’s shoe! Then it would’ve been justified. But nooo he had to invade my space, where he wasn’t even supposed to be, and make me suffer. It’s not like the box my shoes came in said “Fits Ladies Size 8 and Fire Ants” or anything. The only thing I want in my sandal i
s my foot, not an ant, especially one that is biting me!
What a jerk 😦
Supposedly my toe won’t stop being red and itchy for a few weeks either. Stupid ant!


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