"If the internet were a boy, I’d totally date it" – random quote heard at work

Summer’s officially here, and my driveway is officially delicious.
We have a tree next to our driveway that blossomed some very pretty white flowers in the spring. A few weeks ago we noticed that it was starting to develop some fruit. Erik and I looked online to try and figure out what it was, but couldn’t come to any solid conclusions. Then Eugene came over and ate one of the “mystery fruits”- it was a plum! It’s been a few weeks and he hasn’t died yet, so we’re assuming they’re safe to eat. They’re actually really good! I have a food tree! Hooray!
We went to the grand opening of the Atlantic Station H&M the other week which was pretty cool. Red carpet, invite-only, catered and open bar with a DJ, and everything in the store was 25% off. I got a few cute tops and a skirt and enjoyed being one of the “privileged few” for a night.
On a sad note, my mom got thrown in her horseback riding lesson on Sunday and broke her knee. She’s in a full leg cast and can barely walk. I’m super upset for her and wish I was up in NY to take care of her. If an
yone reading this knows my mom, feel free to drop her a “get well soon” note (let me know if you need her email address, or you can find her on Facebook). I’m sure she’d really appreciate it.

My food tree. Eat my plums!

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