Welcome home cars #7 & #8!

Well, 7 of our 8 cars are now living at home (no, none are in the backyard or on the lawn… yet?).
On September 29, 2006, our dear friend Sae Kang passed away. Sae had owned Finishline Motorsports in Marietta, GA and Erik had driven on his race team. Sae owned a 1JZGTE-swapped ’92 Lexus SC300 (Soarer) which disappeared after his death. To make a long story short, the car wound up changing hands a few times and came up for sale on Ebay not too long ago. We bought the car and drove up to Anderson, South Carolina to “bring her home”.
We knew before we left Atlanta that this car was going to wind up being named “Dammit!” (yes, with an exclamation point). We were right. On the drive up, the van (one of the 8 vehicles… a Ford E350 turbodiesel badass party van) was shaking so violently (but the tires looked fine and we couldn’t figure out what was wrong, so we blamed the crappy U-Haul trailer) that trim pieces were falling off of the interior. We made it up to Anderson and picked up the car, which was in much worse shape than we had expected, and loaded it u
p. The two guys who owned the shop were so freakin’ awesome- they had the cutest southern accents. I felt like I was talking to Boomhauer from King of the Hill 😀
Anyway, so we got the car on the trailer and start back home, but the shaking hadn’t gotten any better. I called around and found a local U-Haul place that had a few trailers available, but they were closed for the day. I somehow sweet talked the guy into letting us go over there and swap the trailers by ourselves anyway. Well, now we couldn’t get the car back on the new trailer (we meaning me inside the car steering, no seats btw, and Erik and Ronny pushing) so we had to call the guys we bought it from to come help. Loaded her up, got back on the road, and, well, it still shook… Set cruise control for 53mph (the only tolerable speed) and headed home.
Five miles from our house, in the middle of I-85, the left rear tire of the van blew out. It made this awesome explosion noise and we limped over to the side of the road. Called AAA to come so we could jack the van up and put the spare on, but after an hour of waiting we finally got the van up and the tire on and oh, oh, it didn’t fit! The spare/tire was the wrong size! The AAA guy (who was wearing basketball shorts and hospital scrubs) was nice enough to take Ronny up the road to Sears (by this time it was 8:00pm… we left Atlanta at 11:30am and Anderson is only 110 miles away%2
9 to get a new tire. Almost three hours later, we were back on the road and brought Dammit! home. She had definitely earned her name.
Yesterday, we brought home the ’90 Volkswagen Fox that Erik used to own. Erik had bought it and then later sold it to Tony and Tony no longer needed it so now we own it again. This one’s name is FoxiRoku 🙂

This is how Dammit! looked when Sae owned her… RIP Sae ❤

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