Excuse me miss…

So this afternoon I went to Subway for lunch and while I was standing in line I noticed the 30-something guy behind me was standing just sliiiiightly too close. Eventually he asked me what my tattoo was (for those of you who don’t know, I have a horse on my left shoulder; I was wearing a black wifebeater so it was exposed) and I said “it’s a horse” and he replied “oh, I couldn’t tell from the angle back here” which apparently was an invite for him to then start talking to me. Not that I mind… I’m always up for talking to strangers, despite what they tried to teach me as a child 😉
Anyway, so the next thing out of his mouth was “I bet you’re either Italian, or Jewish” and I was like “member of the Jew crew dude” and the very next thing he said was “And you’re from New York… Near the City.” I was shocked. Yes, I’m from Queens. Yes, I spent the majority of my growing-up years down on the LES. So we continued to have a nice conversation (about Philly being dirty and NJ sucking and how we both miss living in NY) until I had my sandwich and it was time to leave.
Question – is it that obvious that even a total stranger, in a business-park area of Atlanta, can nail the fact that I’m from New York? And no, it wasn’t “my accent” that gave it away because I had barely said two words to the guy and I don’t even have that heavy of an accent anymore after being gone for so many years. Do I have some sort of sign over my head that’s visible to everyone except me?
He apologized when we left if he had “freaked me out” and I was like no way, I’m totally flattered that I “look like” a New Yorker 🙂 Best compliment ever!
This proves, yet again, that you can take the girl out of New York but you can’t take New York out of the girl!
PS. HI EJ!! ❤

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