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I’m officially a Georgia Peach.

August 27, 2008

So today I went to the DMV and got a Georgia driver’s license. I figure I’ve been here for 14 months, I probably should do that about now. Either way, I’m officially a card-carrying certified Georgia Peach. Yee haw!
Went to the doctor this morning for a check up/physical since I hadn’t been in about 5 years and walked out with a nice $500 bill. I thought insurance was supposed to cover this crap? Oh, I was wrong. They don’t, and now I’m broke. And angry.
Also made an orthodontist appointment last week so I can finally get braces. 10 years too late is better than never right? That’s gonna be another $5k out of pocket… somebody shoot me. Please. Or at least, donate generously to my back account. That’d be great. kthxbai.


August 25, 2008

Well, I know it’s not a Tuesday but I figured I should update anyway. 😉
Last Friday (the 15th) at work this guy was walking around asking if anyone wanted free Charlie Daniels tickets. I was like OMG I DO! So I snagged two (for me and Erik) and checked online to see who else was playing. Turns out it was Shooter Jennings (Erik likes him) and The Outlaws. Awesome. So we headed over to the Verizon Center and grabbed some seats and enjoyed the show. I had a great time, and let me tell you, seeing “The Devil Went Down to Georgia” played live in Georgia is a really cool experience.
This past Friday me and a bunch of coworkers went to Willy’s for lunch. As we were walking across the parking lot to the car we heard two people running. Not I’m-going-for-a-jog running but OMG-I-need-to-get-out-of-here running. So I turned around to look and saw this homeless looking guy being chased by a manager looking guy. The manager guy caught the other dude (who I will call shoplifter guy) by the shirt and ripped it completely off, then grabbed him by the pant
s and spun him around and they started screaming at each other. By this point we’re all at the car, about to get in. Just then an undercover police car flips the sirens and two cops get out and run over (where they came from I have *no* idea) and grab the shoplifter guy and proceed to throw him down on the ground. Thing is, they threw him down directly behind (practically under) the trunk of Alyson’s car (one of the cops kept bumping into the trunk that’s how close they were). So they frisk the guy and cuff him and blah blah and the whole time we’re sitting in the car just watching. At one point some little kid a few cars over popped a balloon and Chad was like “zomg was that a gun!?” hah! I felt bad for the dude, but that’s what you get for stealing. It was like being in a live version of Cops. Definitely the most exciting lunch we’ve had in a while…
This Friday we went up to Lawrenceville and went to dinner with Gerard & Gellian, Ronny and Brian, then back to G&G’s house to hang out for a bit. I ❤ the local ATLG20 crew SO much and I’m super excited for the NYCGs reunion at Dave’s wedding next weekend!!!
Saturday night we went out for Korean BBQ with a some other friends. There was also soju… a lot of soju. I had a very fun night, to put it mildly. My ankle has been *killing* me the past few weeks so it was absolutely wonderful to not</em%3
E be in pain for a few hours. Thanks soju!

August 12, 2008

Things are slow at work (for the moment) so I figure I’d pop in here to say hi. Erik’s mommy and Aunt Tema are in town visiting so we’ve been busy having some mommy-time lately. I love the two of them (well, three including Erik) so much and always have such a great time when they’re around. He’s so fortunate to have such a lovely, normally abnormal family 🙂
Saturday I took them to a local roller derby bout which was a blast. We saw the Atlanta Roller Girls (the Toxic Shocks vs. the Apocalypstix) and then went to the Vortex in LFP for dinner. Since absinthe is legal now, we all (yes, including the mommies) cowboyed up and tried it. Pretty gross stuff if you ask me, but it did give a nice giggly buzz.
Been watching the Olympics when I have a chance; I’m disappointed with the USET’s (United States Equestrian Team) performance in cross country. I can’t wait to see some of the show jumping and/or dressage, but I’m not feeling confident about our chances at getting a m
edal at this point. Bummer 😦
Oddly enough, watching the Olympics reminds me of where I was and who I was with the last time I watched and makes me really miss those days, and that person…
Oh, and for all my loyal follows (all two of you, ha!) I finally gave in and got a twitter account. Follow me at

August 5, 2008

Time for my Tuesday afternoon update!
Oh man this weekend was so much fun. Friday we went to play airsoft and then to Fellini’s afterwards as usual. While hanging out at SAC I was reading Creative Loafing and saw an ad for Blast-Off Burlesque, a local burlesque collctive that was doing a show on Saturday.
So the show was held at a local art gallery which was actually very interesting. They had tons of amazing pieces and I found myself thinking “I wish I had the money to buy this” when looking at, well, everything! The work was really incredible.
As for the actual performance, it was a wild west themed burlesque show. Good ol’ boys, country music and silly performances. What more could you ask for? The girls (and one dude) were actually all extremely talented (there was one woman who did a very traditional old-style burlesque and I was absolutely floored at how good she was) and
extremely funny. My face was still hurting the next day from laughing so hard. I loved it. Too bad it was a one-night-only thing, otherwise I’d recommend everyone reading this try and see it. But you should check out their website anyway, you never know what’s going on next!
Erik’s mom is coming in tomorrow to visit for a week. I just bought us tickets to go see roller derby this weekend and I’m super excited. FUN!!