Time for my Tuesday afternoon update!
Oh man this weekend was so much fun. Friday we went to play airsoft and then to Fellini’s afterwards as usual. While hanging out at SAC I was reading Creative Loafing and saw an ad for Blast-Off Burlesque, a local burlesque collctive that was doing a show on Saturday.
So the show was held at a local art gallery which was actually very interesting. They had tons of amazing pieces and I found myself thinking “I wish I had the money to buy this” when looking at, well, everything! The work was really incredible.
As for the actual performance, it was a wild west themed burlesque show. Good ol’ boys, country music and silly performances. What more could you ask for? The girls (and one dude) were actually all extremely talented (there was one woman who did a very traditional old-style burlesque and I was absolutely floored at how good she was) and
extremely funny. My face was still hurting the next day from laughing so hard. I loved it. Too bad it was a one-night-only thing, otherwise I’d recommend everyone reading this try and see it. But you should check out their website anyway, you never know what’s going on next!
Erik’s mom is coming in tomorrow to visit for a week. I just bought us tickets to go see roller derby this weekend and I’m super excited. FUN!!

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