Things are slow at work (for the moment) so I figure I’d pop in here to say hi. Erik’s mommy and Aunt Tema are in town visiting so we’ve been busy having some mommy-time lately. I love the two of them (well, three including Erik) so much and always have such a great time when they’re around. He’s so fortunate to have such a lovely, normally abnormal family šŸ™‚
Saturday I took them to a local roller derby bout which was a blast. We saw the Atlanta Roller Girls (the Toxic Shocks vs. the Apocalypstix) and then went to the Vortex in LFP for dinner. Since absinthe is legal now, we all (yes, including the mommies) cowboyed up and tried it. Pretty gross stuff if you ask me, but it did give a nice giggly buzz.
Been watching the Olympics when I have a chance; I’m disappointed with the USET’s (United States Equestrian Team) performance in cross country. I can’t wait to see some of the show jumping and/or dressage, but I’m not feeling confident about our chances at getting a m
edal at this point. Bummer šŸ˜¦
Oddly enough, watching the Olympics reminds me of where I was and who I was with the last time I watched and makes me really miss those days, and that person…
Oh, and for all my loyal follows (all two of you, ha!) I finally gave in and got a twitter account. Follow me at

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