Well, I know it’s not a Tuesday but I figured I should update anyway. 😉
Last Friday (the 15th) at work this guy was walking around asking if anyone wanted free Charlie Daniels tickets. I was like OMG I DO! So I snagged two (for me and Erik) and checked online to see who else was playing. Turns out it was Shooter Jennings (Erik likes him) and The Outlaws. Awesome. So we headed over to the Verizon Center and grabbed some seats and enjoyed the show. I had a great time, and let me tell you, seeing “The Devil Went Down to Georgia” played live in Georgia is a really cool experience.
This past Friday me and a bunch of coworkers went to Willy’s for lunch. As we were walking across the parking lot to the car we heard two people running. Not I’m-going-for-a-jog running but OMG-I-need-to-get-out-of-here running. So I turned around to look and saw this homeless looking guy being chased by a manager looking guy. The manager guy caught the other dude (who I will call shoplifter guy) by the shirt and ripped it completely off, then grabbed him by the pant
s and spun him around and they started screaming at each other. By this point we’re all at the car, about to get in. Just then an undercover police car flips the sirens and two cops get out and run over (where they came from I have *no* idea) and grab the shoplifter guy and proceed to throw him down on the ground. Thing is, they threw him down directly behind (practically under) the trunk of Alyson’s car (one of the cops kept bumping into the trunk that’s how close they were). So they frisk the guy and cuff him and blah blah and the whole time we’re sitting in the car just watching. At one point some little kid a few cars over popped a balloon and Chad was like “zomg was that a gun!?” hah! I felt bad for the dude, but that’s what you get for stealing. It was like being in a live version of Cops. Definitely the most exciting lunch we’ve had in a while…
This Friday we went up to Lawrenceville and went to dinner with Gerard & Gellian, Ronny and Brian, then back to G&G’s house to hang out for a bit. I ❤ the local ATLG20 crew SO much and I’m super excited for the NYCGs reunion at Dave’s wedding next weekend!!!
Saturday night we went out for Korean BBQ with a some other friends. There was also soju… a lot of soju. I had a very fun night, to put it mildly. My ankle has been *killing* me the past few weeks so it was absolutely wonderful to not</em%3
E be in pain for a few hours. Thanks soju!

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