I’m officially a Georgia Peach.

So today I went to the DMV and got a Georgia driver’s license. I figure I’ve been here for 14 months, I probably should do that about now. Either way, I’m officially a card-carrying certified Georgia Peach. Yee haw!
Went to the doctor this morning for a check up/physical since I hadn’t been in about 5 years and walked out with a nice $500 bill. I thought insurance was supposed to cover this crap? Oh, I was wrong. They don’t, and now I’m broke. And angry.
Also made an orthodontist appointment last week so I can finally get braces. 10 years too late is better than never right? That’s gonna be another $5k out of pocket… somebody shoot me. Please. Or at least, donate generously to my back account. That’d be great. kthxbai.

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