NYCGs reunion!

Saturday afternoon Erik and I flew up to NY for my friend Dave’s wedding. I Met Dave along with a bunch of other guys in 2001 at a local NYCGs ( meet and we’ve all been great friends ever since. This is the same group I’d go to VABeach with every summer. Unfortunately, due to us all growing up and moving away, we haven’t had a real NYCGs meet in about 2 years.
We got lucky with the weather- Hanna let loose with a deluge literally two minutes after we had stepped out of the airport. Went out to dinner with our families on Saturday which was nice, then went back to Erik’s dad’s house and called it a night.
Sunday we woke up early and drove over to the hall. It was really funny when we showed up because these guys are used to seeing me scrubbed out in car-clothes or chillin on the beach… they’ve never seen me “cleaned up”. It took pretty much everyone there a few seconds to realize who The Girl in The Dress was. Ha!
Anyway, the wedding itself was absolutely lovely and the ceremony was beautiful. The guys had a pool going to see how many times Dave
(the groom) would cry during the whole thing. I don’t know what the final count was but I know it was in the double digits. After the ceremony they had cocktails and some hors d’oeuvres and I had a blast catching up with all of the boys. It felt so good to be with the Gs again. Two years is too long.
The reception itself was nothing short of spectacular. Great music, great food, great surprises. At one point a grand piano was wheeled out onto the dance floor and Dave surprised us all by not only singing a song to his lovely new wife Erika, but playing it as well! Another great surprise was when they opened up the adjoining reception hall to ours to reveal one of the biggest desert buffets I’ve ever seen- complete with a cotton candy machine, fire performance and Metallica’s Enter Sandman being blasted over the PA. Pretty cool 🙂
Other highlights included: Tomas (who flew in all the way from Sweden) catching the garter and having the most perplexed look on his face when putting it on the maid of honor (“I do WHAT with this?!”), DJ Chino (Dave) getting the party moving, some drunken bridesmaid’s boobs falling out of her dress while dancing and her not noticing at all, shots at the bar, Sparks, and of course, my NYCGs!!

Dre, Bruce, Dan, Bernie, Me, Dave (groom), Tomas, Juan and Kevin
Click to view more photo fun

NYCGs for life! 🙂

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