a big day for me…

First off, congratulations are in order to my good friends Max & Ermite, married on Sunday. The wedding itself was very lovely and the two of them are absolutely adorable together. I wish them all the best and a lifetime of happiness.
Yesterday was a big day for me. I had my first orthodontist appointment at 8:00am and walked out of there well on my way to being able to smile for the first time in 10 years. I got brackets put on the back half of my upper teeth and will go back in 6 weeks to have some crazy metal screw thing inserted into my gums/jaw and then after that I’ll get the rest of the braces put on. They said it’d take 18-20 months and I am so incredibly excited (except for the cost… $6k out of pocket. Eep.) Best part is I am not in any pain at all. Other than being able to feel that there is physically some extra “stuff” in my mouth, I can’t even tell they’re on. Yay!
Later that day I had my very first riding lesson in over a year at the Huntcliff Equestrian Center.
My instructor is really nice and knows her stuff. Every other rider there looked absolutely fantastic. A-rated hunter show fantastic. I’m super thrilled about eventually looking that good as well (I hope).
I wound up riding this nice chestnut horse named Copper who normally goes in a Pelham bit but the Pelham had “disappeared” so I rode him in an eggbutt snaffle instead since it was the only other thing around. Disclaimer: I know I’m super rusty and totally out of shape and my muscles/seat suck due to lack of riding and I need a lot of work before I can even be decent again. Anyway, so Copper started to get a little excited and get away from me and the instructor had me switch horses with the other girl in my lesson so I didn’t have “a miserable first ride”.
I guess the mare I had just gotten on could feel how tense I was from Copper and that wasn’t good. We did one lap around the ring and took a small triple combination (three fences all in a row: jump-land-jump-land-jump). Well, after the last jump the mare ducked out from under me and cut to the left and I kept going straight. Oops. I fell off but it wasn’t bad at all. I managed to do some combination fall-off/emergency-dismount thing and landed on my feet and then fell onto my butt. It was pretty funny 🙂 Got right up and hopped back on and did the three again, more relaxed and much better the second time.
Surprisingly en
ough, I’m not sore at all today. Not from the braces, not from falling off the horse. Typically the day after you fall off/get thrown it feels like you’ve been hit by a Mac truck, but I guess my awesome landing-on-my-feet trick saved me from having to suffer. My legs are a little sore from riding but not terrible. I already can’t wait for next week’s lesson. Hopefully I stay on this time! 😀

me and Erik being cute at Max’s wedding.

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