Sae, NC gymkhana roadtrip & other fun things

I’ve finally got a moment to myself to relax and update, so, here goes!
Friday night we went out with a bunch of friends to celebrate Sae’s passing away two years ago (Sept 29, ’06). We went to Hae Woon Dae for Korean BBQ as it was one of Sae’s favorites and drank lots of soju in his honor. After we went to Happy Karaoke and watched Ray and Marty “sing” some terribly amusing versions of whoknowswhat.
Saturday morning we woke up early and packed up the van. Tony came by to drive up with us and we all headed out to Greenville, NC. Stopped off in Raleigh to visit Rob and have lunch in Chapel Hill at this really nice small-town local bar-burger-place which was actually really good. Hung out around there for a bit then drove another hour or so to the hotel where we unloaded and went out in search of food.
We found a local Mexican restaurant in Wilson (small town, USA) that seemed to be the place all the “locals” were at that night and figured how bad could it be? We were seated and 20 minutes later still didn’t have silverware or water nor had our waite
r stopped by. I finally chased some girl down to tell her and she eventually brought us two waters (for four people). Another 30 minutes went by and a waitress from a different section came over and asked if our waiter had come by. He hadn’t. She took sympathy on us and took our orders (we’d been there almost an hour at this point). Another 30 minutes and our food came out… except Tony’s. 10 minutes later his showed up and it was wrong. The food itself was really mediocre. Well, we waited another 15 minutes after we had all finished eating and our waiter STILL hadn’t come by (not once. at all. seriously.) so we just said screw this place and walked out. I’ve never walked out on a meal before. Ever. But this place was absolutely so incredibly horrendous and treated us like we didn’t exist at all and we were all so angry that we didn’t feel like waiting another 2 hours for a damn check. So, if you’re ever in the Wilson, NC area and don’t mind waiting an exceptionally long time for pretty boring food that you don’t have to pay for, this place is definitely for you.
Sunday we got up around 5:30am and drove through Farmville (yeah, that’s the actual name of the town) to Greenville, NC and set up the gymkhana course, timing equipment, etc. We had a pretty decent turnout for this event- about 25 drivers. Everyone had a really great time and all of the drivers made significant improvement throu
ghout the day, averaging about 20-30 runs per person. We finally packed up and left around 5pm and got on the road for the 7 hour drive back to Atlanta. Ugh.
Funny thing to note: on the way home we were on the highway and came up on a convertible Corvette with the license plate “earlstoy”. Tony grabbed the bullhorn and shouted out the window “Let’s go Earl! Step on it!” The guy looked like he was about to crap himself, but it was absolutely hysterical to see the expression on his face.
Anyway, we got home about midnight which wasn’t too bad except for the fact we’d been in the loud diesel van for 7 hours and had been up since 5:30am. I took Monday off from work to sleep in and unpack and go to the dentist. Got two old cavities filled and left there around 3:45pm with the intentions of heading to work for a few hours. Bad idea. I could barely drive from all the novicaine and nitrous. I wound up sitting in my car for an hour and a half just staring at the parking garage wall until I was slightly more coherent. Fun.
Drove up to Huntcliff for my weekly lesson and rode Danser again. He’s such a cutie. We worked on more dressage techniques for the first half hour and then jumped the rest of the lesson. Danser got so excited to be jumping “real” jumps (2-2.5 foot verticals) and Miriam (my trainer, his owner) was laughing and saying how she’s never seen him get like that before
and how he was having the time of his life. Aww 🙂 Erik cantered for the first time (second time ever if you count the trail ride we went on a few years ago) and I couldn’t be prouder.
And that brings us to today… as I was leaving for work this morning Erik noticed that the Subaru was sitting kind of wonky in the driveway. Ugh, flat tire! They had just re-planked a bunch of the stalls at the barn and I was lucky enough to pick up a 3″ screw in the rear driverside tire. Faaaantastic. Erik, my hero as always, took the Subaru to get the hole patched ($12! yay!) so we wouldn’t have to replace all four tires (stupid AWD) and I took the BMW to work. Crisis averted. I ❤ my man.
Well, in the 10 minutes it took me to write this my work inbox has filled up. Time to get crackin!

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