There’s a pistol in my bedroom, and I’m not being dirty.

I’m a day late with my update, but that’s because I’ve been busy at work lately. Given the way the economy is taking, I’m hoping that busy=keepmyjob. Cross your fingers everyone.
Anyway, on to the good stuff- Saturday Erik and I went to a local gun show with Gerard and Ronny. I was on a mission to find cute bullet earrings (I failed) since I can’t actually afford anything of my own right now (although I did find a super cute pink and black Walther .22!) and instead found an abundance of mullets and Confederate flag paraphernalia. Interesting nonetheless.
After the gun show Erik was determined to get something of his own and we went over to a local shooting range so he could test two different possibilities, and finally made our way over to Bullseye in Lawrenceville. He picked up a really nice Springfield XD9 tactical 9mm and some cleaning stuff. Yay! We (er, he) are now officially firearm owners. Hooray!
Sunday we spent just running errands and cleaning and relaxing. Went to Ikea and got a nice desk/table for the office that is designated as the gu
n-cleaning-table. That didn’t take long 😉 Also got some “art” for the guest room so it’s not totally bare in there.
Had my lesson Monday, and the girl I usually ride with wasn’t able to make it so instead Erik and I did a group lesson together. I was supposed to ride this cute Mustang named Hope but after I had tacked her up my trainer decided Erik should ride her instead and I got to ride his Buttercup, who might I add, is like riding a very small freight train. We focused on groundwork since the lesson was more about him than me (and him not dying). It’s really funny watching him ride since he’s still such a beginner- he’s doing all the typical beginner things and gets so frustrated when he can’t do stuff right which I know is because he’s used to being absolutely perfect at everything he does, so this presents a challenge. Sucker!
Last week I was wearing a Garrett shirt while I rode and one of the trainers was like “ZOMG why do you have a turbo on your shirt?!?” and I was like ‘I used to work there!’ and she was like “NOWAI my husband owns a shop in ATL and we both ❤ racecars!” which I thought was a pretty funny coincidence. Small world huh? So she’s super awesome and we hung out for a bit after this week’s lesson.
Now I’m hanging out at work, freezing my butt off. For some reason it’s always ungodly cold in here. EJ is flying in tonigh
t to stay the week and Alyssa and Sarah get here on Friday. We’ve got some crazy adventures planned for the weekend, so be sure to check in next week for the awesome update!

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