Riding, shooting, and screws in my jaw!

It’s been a while so I’ll try to condense this down into a somewhat readable length…
Mom came to visit from the 17th through 20th. We went to Netherworld, a haunted house a few minutes from my house that was rated one of the best in the country. I have to admit, it was really good and pretty scary! We went with Erik’s cousin Warren and his finace Courtney and some other friends. The special effects, makeup/costumes and animatronics were incredible. If you’re within 3 hours of Norcross, GA, you should definitely make a trip to visit because it is SO worth it!
We spent the weekend down at Rancho Loma Linda visiting our wonderful friends Andrea & Angel, riding and relaxing. They’re building guest cabins on the property that are super adorable and I am keeping my fingers crossed that it all works out for them.
Last week I rode Copper again (the horse I rode the very first week) but actually used a pelham b
it (like he’s supposed to go in) this time and he was much better. Hooray!
This week when I showed up, the whiteboard said I was riding a horse named “Taylor”. Turns out Taylor was new, and had just arrived at Huntcliff two hours earlier and I was the first person to ride her. She’s a super cute 9y/o chestnut pony with the *hugest* eyes I have ever seen on any horse (everyone was calling her “Bugeyes”). Warmed her up a little then took her over a few decent-sized hunter fences and I was thrilled when my trainer said they were “beautiful”. Then she started getting crazy. Not normal I’m-a-horse-and-it’s-cold-out crazy, but absolute mental-meltdown-psychotic-nutso. She has an incredibly light mouth and any pressure whatsoever annoyed her, however, not holding her back caused her to take off. Any pressure from my legs at all caused her to take off. Halt-canter transitions were like riding a barrel horse, or a rocket launcher, or both. Poor mare was getting so worked up towards the end that my trainer got on to try and “smooth her out”. That didn’t work. I’ve never actually heard a trainer say “it’s not you, it’s definitely the horse” before, so hearing that was not only a first, but a huge relief (I don’t suck!). By the end of the le
sson, Taylor’s name had officially been changed to CrazyMare. Ha!
Otherwise, things have been good. Erik’s friend Jenny from when he was at Columbia was in town so we went to dinner with her (I adore her) and her boyfriend. I got a massage last Saturday (which I needed after the nonstop crazy past few months) and then me, Erik, Eugene and Dan went for a bike ride around Stone Mountain. Erik and I went to Bullseye afterwards to shoot a bit and I shot a really great consistent alpha grouping (of which I am *incredibly* proud, considering this was only my third time) without pausing between shots!
Today I had my second orthodontist appointment. They inserted two 1/2″ long 8mm screws into my jaw (one on each side) to which they attached some wires and will use as anchor devices to move everything in my mouth around. It didn’t hurt too bad, but it certainly wasn’t painless. Regardless, I’m not suffering (yet?) and I’m glad that I’m making progress towards being able to smile again. Woot!
I also got back the first layout concept for The Project from Hustlewood and I couldn’t be happier. It’s absolutely amazing, and I can’t wait to launch the site. This is gonna be so dope 🙂

My awesome alpha grouping! Go me! Cute *and* dangerous (not really)! Shooting: Springfield XD-9 tactical, 9mm

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