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Riding Resource – A Stable Place to Search

November 17, 2008

So for the past year and a half I have been working on a secret project. Long story short, I’ve started a business.
“The Project” is almost live. We’ve finalized a design with Hustlewood and will be launching shortly. I’d really appreciate it if you would Follow us on Twitter for updates and advance-notice of our site launch and/or check out the Riding Resource page on Facebook to learn more and become a fan.
I registered the Riding Resource, LLC business name on Saturday, got an EIN/Tax ID number (which happens to end in 127 which is my lucky number!) and a GA sales tax ID. As of November 15, 2008, I am officially a business owner. Woot!
What exactly is Riding Resource you ask? Well, read on!
Riding Resource is the only fully-searchable online database of 12,000+ riding
stables and 2,600+ tack stores that lets you find exactly what you’re looking for.
Our innovative setup allows you to select as few or as many options as you’d like to see results that meet your requirements. Mix and match options to find a stable that offers the exact services and amenities that you want. Specify your location and maximum travel distance to find convenient nearby facilities.
Whether you’re interested in taking riding lessons in a certain discipline or riding style, in need of a local boarding stable with an indoor ring, want to go trail riding on vacation, looking to purchase, train or breed a horse and more, Riding Resource can help you quickly and easily find the perfect facility to meet your needs.
Founded in 2007 as a way to help riders connect with local facilities, Riding Resource is unique in that our visitors can fine-tune their searches with specific criteria in regards to location and services offered.
We’re hoping to launch by January 1. I want more than anything to make this a success. Wish me luck!
You can check us out at” once we go live.


DMGGMASD and Gizmo.

November 11, 2008

I’ve been super insanely unhealthy busy lately, so I’ll make this short.
We (DGTrials) did a super-secret exclusive private event at Nashville SuperSpeedway last weekend for the DriftMechaniks guys. The event was absolutely awesome and everyone averaged about eleventy billion runs. I don’t know who decided it, but the theme was “prep school elite” and the event’s official title was “DriftMechaniks Gossip Girl Marathon and Some Drifting”. Needless to say, it was pretty funny watching everyone run around in khakis and argyle sweater vests while playing with racecars 😉
I voted last Tuesday for the very first time, which was not at all as exciting as I thought it’d be. It was actually pretty cold and somewhat boring. But, it was worth it. Funny thing to note: there were some people selling hot chocolate for $1 (we went at 7:00am) and a few minutes later another group of people showed up handing out *free*
hot chocolate. Ah, competition at it’s best. Thanks, America!
My past two lessons at Huntcliff I’ve ridden this lovely dark bay hunter named Gizmo. He’s pretty much a pro and it’s so nice to ride a horse where I can concentrate on my riding and not fighting the horse. It goes something like this-
Me: Hey Gizmo, let’s jump these fences over here, okay?
Gizmo: Sure, let’s go! You just sit up there and look pretty while I do the rest.
I *love* this horse 🙂
A lot of progress has been made with “The Project” lately. I’ll post more on that in a few days. If all goes well, this will be my ticket to paying off my loans and finally being able to ride more than once a week (maybe even buy my own horse?!). Keep your fingers crossed everyone!!