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January 28, 2009

Hello my babies!

Sorry it’s been a bit since I’ve updated; I know you’re probably all dying with anticipation to hear all about my life, yes? ๐Ÿ˜‰

Riding Resource has been doing well (we’ve been live almost a whole month now!) and is seeing a decent amount of traffic. We’ve gotten quite a bit of very positive feedback from people which is always nice to hear. We’ve also got a couple potential “exciting things” in the works, but I’ll only write about them if/when they actually happen. Keep your fingers crossed!

The braces are going wellโ€ฆ teeth are moving… hooray progress. I’m hoping I can use my tax returns to pay them off so I can re-allocate that $200/month to promoting Riding Resource. Yay for the government giving us back money that was ours to begin with! Oh, and on that note, you should check out the Fair Tax – it’s a brilliant idea that would really do wonders for our economy and our country. Spread the word, we want the Fair Tax!

I took two friends from work (Sonja and Valerie) to the range last week to teach them to shoot and they did shockingly accurate. There’s something about girls and guns that goes together really well…

Rode Wally this week and last, and I’m totally falling head over heels in love with this horse. He’s so adorable and *so* smart and very willing and all he wants to do is have fun and jump stuff and hey, that’s exactly what I want too!!

Had dinner last week with Dan, Jill, Rachel, Eugene and all the other kiddies. I know it might sound corny but damn, I’m so glad I have such wonderful friends in my life. I really am fortunate to be surrounded by so many great people. Much โค to them all.

Anyway, nothing much else has been happening around here. It’s just the usual work, eat, sleep, repeat. I am, however, noticing a decrease in my commuting time/traffic due to unemployment which is bittersweet.

Love and kisses!


I’m in the January issue of Trail Rider magazine!

January 14, 2009

Ever since we launched, I’ve been super busy fielding emails, making updates, etc (but that’s all good stuff!). This weekend I finally had a chance to “relax” a bit, relatively speaking that is.

Saturday afternoon Erik and I went with a friend from my work to a Georgia State basketball game. Why? Because they were playing Drexel! In the 5 years I spent there, I never once went to see the Dragons play so I figured why not see them play in Atlanta instead? It was actually a really good game, very close the whole time and pretty exciting. In the end, Drexel won 53 to 50 and Erik and I were two of only three people cheering for them. Go Dragons!

Sunday we went up to the North GA Premium Outlets. I did my best not to spend any money and came home with three really nice sweaters, a cute polo and a dope pair of jeans for about $100.

Afterwards we went on a crazy search all over Atlanta to find a copy of the January issue of Trail Rider Magazine. Why? Because if you turn to page 59 you will see a cute girl in a pink/white striped shirt riding a Peruvian mare at Rancho Loma Linda who just happens to be… ME! ๐Ÿ˜€

Yesterday I rode at Huntcliff and got to ride lovely Wally again. He’s come so far in the past month with his training it’s incredible. He’s such a talented horse, and unusually smart as well. You can almost see his brain working to figure things out when you ask him to do new stuff, and the moment it “clicks” is very obvious as well. He’s so sweet and so good and I really wish I could afford to buy or lease him or something. Oh well, maybe one day…

Okay, back to work for me (as usual). Go check out Riding Resource please! </shamelessplug> ๐Ÿ˜‰ and New Year’s

January 2, 2009

Happy 2009 everyone!
It’s going to be an exciting year for me. Why? I finally started my own business! For the past 1.5 years Erik and I have been working insanely hard on this new startup and as of January 1, 2009 it is finally officially live! Here’s a bit about it… (please spread the word and tell your friends!!)

Riding Resource is the only fully-searchable online database of riding stables and tack stores that lets you find exactly what you’re looking for.
Founded as a way to help riders connect with local facilities, Riding Resource is unique in that our visitors can fine-tune their searches with specific criteria in regards to location and services offered.
Whether you’re interested in taking riding lessons in a certain discipline or riding style, in need of a local boarding stable with an indoor ring, want to go trail riding on vacation, looking to purchase, train or breed a horse and more, Riding Resource can help you quickly and easily find the perfect facility to meet your needs.
Our innovative setup allows you to select as few or as many options as you’d like to see results that meet your requirements. Mix and match options to find a stable that offers the exact services and amenities that you want. Specify your location and maximum travel distance to find convenient nearby facilities.
We have over 12,000 stables and over 2,800 tack stores in our directory for you to choose from. You can click on the name of a stable or store in your search results listing to go directly to that facility’s detailed information to see what services they offer and more.
Please check us out today at!

Otherwise, things here are good. We had a party at our house on New Year’s which was fun and we had a bunch of people over. We bought a dining room table (which won’t be delivered for a few more weeks, ugh) so sometime in June we’re going to have o
ur “We’ve been living here for 2 years already” Housewarming. Woo!
OK, back to work for me! now Now NOW! ๐Ÿ˜€