Riding Resource, riding Wally, & misc.

Hello my babies!

Sorry it’s been a bit since I’ve updated; I know you’re probably all dying with anticipation to hear all about my life, yes? 😉

Riding Resource has been doing well (we’ve been live almost a whole month now!) and is seeing a decent amount of traffic. We’ve gotten quite a bit of very positive feedback from people which is always nice to hear. We’ve also got a couple potential “exciting things” in the works, but I’ll only write about them if/when they actually happen. Keep your fingers crossed!

The braces are going well… teeth are moving… hooray progress. I’m hoping I can use my tax returns to pay them off so I can re-allocate that $200/month to promoting Riding Resource. Yay for the government giving us back money that was ours to begin with! Oh, and on that note, you should check out the Fair Tax – it’s a brilliant idea that would really do wonders for our economy and our country. Spread the word, we want the Fair Tax!

I took two friends from work (Sonja and Valerie) to the range last week to teach them to shoot and they did shockingly accurate. There’s something about girls and guns that goes together really well…

Rode Wally this week and last, and I’m totally falling head over heels in love with this horse. He’s so adorable and *so* smart and very willing and all he wants to do is have fun and jump stuff and hey, that’s exactly what I want too!!

Had dinner last week with Dan, Jill, Rachel, Eugene and all the other kiddies. I know it might sound corny but damn, I’m so glad I have such wonderful friends in my life. I really am fortunate to be surrounded by so many great people. Much ❤ to them all.

Anyway, nothing much else has been happening around here. It’s just the usual work, eat, sleep, repeat. I am, however, noticing a decrease in my commuting time/traffic due to unemployment which is bittersweet.

Love and kisses!

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