If you’re not paying rent, get out of my attic!

A quick update before I flit off to Utah for the weekend…

So for the past week we’ve been hearing “noises” up in our attic. What kind of noises? The kinds small furry animals make when they’re trapped and are trying desperately to claw and chew their way to freedom.

We got a Havahart no-kill trap and left it up there to see if we could catch anything. Turns out we’re pretty good at this animal trapping stuff! We caught two squirrels (one on Saturday night and one on Monday night) and took them each on a little roadtrip to the other side of town to be released. They were absolutely adorable! We had an animal control guy come the other day to double-check and he said there wasn’t anything else living up there, but set some traps just in case and will check back over the next two weeks. If you’re not paying rent, get out of my attic!

Rode wonderful Mr. Wally again on Tuesday, again with only a halter and reins. We worked on flying lead changes, which surprisingly enough I’ve never done before. Mr. Wally hadn’t either and I’m very impressed with how fast he learned what to do – that horse is scary smart. After the lessons I had to go turn him out in his new paddock home (no more stall for him) but it was a long walk and I was tired, so I just hopped up bareback and rode him out. He’s such a wonderful little guy… He’s probably getting sold soon which makes me sad, but at least he’ll go to a good home where he can get the attention and consistent riding that he deserves.

Last night Erik and I went to dinner at my cousin’s house, who I never knew existed until recently. My pop-pop is in town visiting and staying with them, so they invited us over. It’s cool having family locally and they were all super nice and funny and we had a great time.

Signed an agreement last week for a partnership for Riding Resource. This is a very big deal and I’m excited to get the ball rolling so we can start making announcements about the good news!

Heading out to Utah tomorrow for a snowboarding trip with Erik. We’re staying at EJ’s and I absolutely cannot wait to see her! Yay!

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