Snowboarding didn’t kill me! And was FUN!

So a few weeks ago Erik decided that he wanted to go snowboarding since he hadn’t been in 4+ years. My BFF EJ just so happens to live in Ogden, UT which is 20 minutes from Snow Basin. Next thing I know, he’s booked us a flight! (Used his miles so it was free, cool deal.)

We flew out to SLC on Friday evening. EJ and her guy met us at the airport, and it goes without saying there was much squealing and hugging and bouncing up and down. Had dinner at a local sushi joint called Tona. Headed back to EJ’s parent’s place afterwards and went right to bed in preparation for the long weekend ahead of us.

Saturday morning Erik woke me at 6:45am (ugh) so that we could go pick up the rental gear before going to the mountain. Erik, the very smart man that he is, offered to not only pay for my snowboard rental, lift ticket AND lesson, but for EJ’s as well! I think he knew that the less miserable we were, the less miserable he would be. 🙂 Anyway, I was outfitted with a midget board (size: 140 – tiny!) and some boots. We packed up the truck and headed to Snow Basin. Yay!

We actually got there about an hour before our lesson started, so the boys went off to play on the big-kid slopes while we waited for our lesson to begin. Our instructor’s name was Adam and he was absolutely wonderful; he was super encouraging and had a great sense of humor, plus he actually taught us how to not-die in just two hours! We had one other girl in our lesson group, this really dope chick name Dara (whose husband grew up literally in the town over from where I grew up!) who we wound up hanging out with for the rest of the day since we were all newbs. Erik took a few snaps of us during the lesson to document us falling on our butts and failing miserably. Had some lunch at the lodge and then went to play for the rest of the afternoon. Surprisingly enough, we all did really well once we stopped hurting ourselves! By the end of the day I was making it all the way down without falling at all, and picked up a lot of speed.

EJ’s parents cooked us an awesome dinner Saturday night and we decided to stay in and recuperate from the day’s adventures. We watched a movie but I fell asleep halfway through because I was so pooped. Called it a night relatively early and we all headed off to sleepytime.

Sunday we woke up around 9am and went to breakfast at Jeremiah’s, a local place with some pretty good eats. Note to self: a big breakfast right before lots of exercise is not the best idea. We got up to the mountain around noon and got half-day lift tickets. EJ and I hit the slopes immediately and did back-to-back runs until 3:30pm. We rocked it. HARD. I was amazed at how much better we had gotten in just one day. I can carve somewhat decently, control my speed and direction, ride regular or goofy AND I even went over some small bumpy-jumpy things and lived to tell about it! Yay! I have decided that I really enjoy snowboarding, especially since it was super warm out and I didn’t manage to break any bones. Why is it that I only enjoy dangerous sports? Horseback riding, racing cars, target shooting, snowboarding… oof.

Dinner that night was at Rooster’s Brewing Company, a local bar/pub in historic Ogden. This is also the same place that EJ took me last time I was in Utah to have a Polygamy Porter and bought me a t-shirt that says “I tried Polygamy in Utah”, lol. The food was really good, but unfortunately, I was way too exhausted to enjoy it, let alone realize I was eating. I was on autopilot. I had a handful of bites before I managed to (almost) fall asleep in my chair. Came back to EJ’s and went straight to bed at 9pm. Slept 12 hours and damn it felt good.

We left Monday afternoon to fly back to Atlanta, but stopped at one of my favorite west-coast fast food joints for lunch before getting to the airport, Wienerschnitzel! The flight back was easy, watched a movie, tried to figure out when the next time I could go snowboarding would be, the usual… 😉

All in all, I had a great trip. I got to see my best friend and her amazing parents, try a fun new sport that I’m actually pretty decent at, and had a lovely weekend with my boyfriend. I didn’t get hurt (aside from a little soreness in my back, shoulders and tush from the Saturday-morning tumbles) and I met some cool new people. I can’t wait to go again!

Pictures: Facebook album here!

I stopped falling mid-day Saturday and spent all day Sunday rocking out hardcore. Unfortunately, this was taken as I was slowing down from my last run, so you can’t see how awesome I was 😦

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