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Getting ready for my mid-midlife crisis.

April 16, 2009

The next time you hear from me, I’ll be 25 and having my official mid-midlife crisis. I wore a black sweater to work today (not on purpose) and someone asked me if I was wearing it “to mourn the loss of my youth”. I didn’t know whether to laugh or cry.

So last weekend was Passover and even though neither Erik nor myself are very religious, we decided to have everyone over to our house for seder. In addition to his cousin, cousin’s wife and cousin’s son who were already in Atlanta, his mom, dad, brother, aunt, other cousin, other cousin’s fiance and other cousin’s fiance’s two daughters flew in for the weekend making it a grand total of 13 people. That’s right – 13 people – in my dining room. Our table seats 8 at the most, so we had to squish and set up a smaller, additional table and we actually were able to fit everyone somewhat comfortably. Where I managed to come up with 13 place settings is beyond me, but it happened. We busted out Erik’s grandmother’s silver for the first time and I kept thinking “I am SO not old enough to have antique silver”. LOL.

Anyway, the seder turned out very nicely. Much nicer than the ones I used to go to at my grandmother’s when I was a kid. Nobody died, nobody cried, everyone had a great time. The food was excellent (thanks to Erik’s momma for her kitchen magic!) and I enjoyed having a “family” moment, since I never got to experience them when I was younger. Went to dinner Sunday night with everyone and they all went back home Monday morning.

At one point, Erik’s little bro (I say “little” but he’s my age) wanted to see my car (he’s a carguy too, shockingly enough) so we went into the garage and there was an Optima RedTop sitting on the ground. My first thought was ‘well, that explains why the damn thing wouldn’t start… there wasn’t even a battery in it!’ [my battery is so dead that it can’t hold a charge anymore and therefore the car won’t run/start] My second thought was ‘wait a minute, that battery is too new/clean to be mine… WTF is going on?’ And that’s when I noticed his bro was smiling. Erik denies any knowledge of the “surprise” and claims that he had nothing to do with it – it was all the work of the Optima Fairy. He’s so thoughtful. 🙂

Riding’s been going well and I’m having a ton of fun with Mr. Wally. I re-injured my ankle the other week pretty badly but I blame that on the crazy Atlanta weather… it was 70* one day and it literally snowed the very next! Unfortunately the cold wreaks havoc on my ankle/back so I suffered, but I’m all better now. My trainer is moving to a new barn and I can’t decide whether to stay and ride with someone else or to follow her to greener pastures (literally and metaphorically) since the new place is quite a bit further away. Eh, oh well.

In other news, I get my front braces put on in three weeks! WOO! I can’t believe how much progress they’ve made in only seven months and I’m super excited about this. I also got an email from an old friend who I was fairly sure I’d never hear from again which was a lovely surprise and totally made my day. Here’s to hoping this isn’t the last of that!

Lastly, as of Monday, April 6th, has officially partnered with to integrate our Stable Search feature into their website. This is a huge deal for us as it’ll make our listings/data available to hundreds of thousands of people while helping grow our brand. I’m very much so looking forward to helping connect the equestrian community, both riders and businesses alike, and am confident that this collaboration will be beneficial to both our sites. Stay tuned for more news!