’62 Nash, Worthersee and Boots!

It’s that time of year again! What time exactly? The time we buy another car! Our neighbor sold us (and by us I mean Erik) his super-cute 1962 Nash Metropolitan. Hooray!

Cute, isn’t it? 🙂

I’ve actually been beyond busy again lately, which I really do enjoy. My best friend from college, EJ, has decided that she wants to go to grad school and therefore applied to a few schools. One of them just happened to be Georgia State, so she flew in the other week for her interview. Long story short, she got accepted (YAY!) and will be moving to Atlanta in July (YAY again!). I absolutely adore her and can’t wait to have my favoritest girl local again.

On the subject of friends, our friends Gerard and Gellian are getting married in July and had their engagement party while EJ was in town so I dragged her along. We had a great time and I really am so beyond thrilled to see such good friends so madly in love.

That same weekend was Formula D Atlanta, but since we were busy with the shower and other things we didn’t make it to the track. I was bummed but hey, friends only get married once, Formula D will be back next year. We did manage to squeeze in dinner with our good friend Antonio, all around good guy and photographer extraordinaire. If you don’t live under a rock, chances are you’ve seen his work. He also brought me some cute Cipher Garage tee’s. Thanks Antonio!

Spent this past weekend up in Helen, GA for the Southern Worthersee event which is one of the largest Volkswagen/Audi/etc. car shows in the country (they stopped keeping count after reaching 560+ cars this year). It was great getting to see some friends and some really incredible cars. Also enjoyed the cheesy-touristy-ness of Helen (it’s a re-creation of an alpine Bavarian village in the mountains of northern Georgia).

Unfortunately since we were away all day I missed the Preakness, although I did watch a replay of it later and was very impressed by the filly, Rachel Alexandra’s win and second-place finisher Mine That Bird’s incredible last-to-almost-first sprint. Bummer we won’t have a potential Triple Crown this year, but I’m almost glad as that means I don’t have to spend $250 to fly up to NY to watch the Belmont.

Back to work today, ran some errands during lunch and *finally* exchanged the beautiful Ariat Crowne Pro field boots that Erik so generously bought for me when I graduated for a size that actually fit and bought two new pairs or breeches to replace my one pair of 12-year-old Miller’s. I think I’m ready for Spain – only 145 more days!

As for now, I’m sitting on the couch trying to break-in the aforementioned field boots. I think it’s time for me to go enjoy the yummy muffins I just baked with some fresh, delicious strawberry jam, courtesy of my soon-to-be-neighbor and awesome coworker!


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