I rock at being productive lately!

Ah, what a lovely week it has been!

Last Tuesday, I got a phone call from a friend of mine in Miami saying that he was actually in Atlanta and asked if I would like to join him at a media event for Hyundai’s new turbo Genesis Coupe. Umm heck yes? I drove over to the W in Buckhead for cocktails and dinner, all courtesy of Hyundai (thanks Hyundai!). We got to play with the car (they had about a dozen, both V6 and 2.0T models) a bit and to be honest, I was very impressed with it. It looks great, handles well and is affordable – all in all a nice little RWD sports coupe. The motor itself is very “SR20″ish and I’m looking forward to seeing what sorts of things the aftermarket world does with it.

This past weekend was actually really productive for me. When we moved into our house (two years ago this Saturday), I had a ton of boxes that had “followed” me throughout college and across the country that I never bothered to unpack since I never seemed to stay put in one place for more than 6 months. Erik’s been after me for a while to unpack them, and I’ve really been meaning to but just hadn’t gotten around to it. For some reason I was more motivated than usual and I actually took a few hours to go through them all. I was shocked to find that some of the boxes actually dated back to 2001! I trashed/recycled/donated about 90% and can’t believe how much room I actually have in my room when it’s not cluttered by boxes! Hooray!

Later, Erik and I were trying to figure out what we should do that night. We decided to stay home and watch a movie to save money. Well, my big mouth suggests the bright idea that we should finally buy a TV for the bedroom and he actually agreed. After a bit of research online to decide what we wanted, we headed over to BestBuy and picked up a really dope 32″ Sony Bravia 720p HDTV for about $500. And yes, we “stayed home and watched a movie” that night. So much for saving money! 😉

Hung out over at our friends’ apartment/pool for Memorial Day and then went to dinner. One has a hybrid (and a Corvette, so he’s still cool in my book) and let me drive it a little… it was my first time driving a hybrid and holy hell it is WEIRD! The car was “on” but not “running”. I’ve been so conditioned to think loud, powerful, angry cars are normal over the years that this quiet little thing sort of freaked me out. Very bizarre.

My lesson yesterday was a nice, relaxing change of pace. I finally got around to wearing my Ariat field boots for the very first time and breaking them in is miserably painful so I was glad my trainer took it easy on us. Not to mention it was 80*+ and about 9000% humidity. Ugh.

Speaking of riding, we’ll be launching Riding Resource’s first email newsletter on June 1st. Want to be included? Shoot me an email and let me know!

Lastly, I booked me and my mother’s flights to Spain for October. We’ll be spending a week riding and relaxing at Epona in Seville. Only 135 more days!

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