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Goodbye Mr. Wally, I’ll miss you…

June 11, 2009

I might as well start with what’s most on my mind… Mr. Wally got sold. I’ve been riding/training him for the past few months and had fallen totally in love with this little horse. He’s absolutely adorable, super fun to ride and incredibly smart. He’s so wonderful and I had such a great time with him. Unfortunately, as with most lesson horses, he was always “for sale”.

I went to the barn yesterday to ride and as soon as I got there people started asking me “have you heard about Wally?!” I immediately thought he had gotten hurt or sick or worse, but when they told me he had been sold I really wasn’t too surprised. Lesson horses, for lack of a better comparison, are like rental cars. Anyone can ride them and they’re usually subjected to people pulling on the reins and kicking and generally not riding too well. Wally is so willing and trusting and eager and he really deserved better than that, so as beyond miserably bummed as I am to see him go, I’m really glad to know he’ll be going to a loving home with a good rider who will give him the care and attention and consistent riding that he deserves.

I did get to ride him one last time yesterday since he’s not scheduled to leave until today, but we couldn’t really do much in case he got hurt or sore for the vet check that was this afternoon. I spent a lot of time with him afterwards and said my (tearful) goodbyes. I’m very appreciative to him for being such a great horse, and am lucky to have had as much time with him as I did.

Me and Mr. Wally (brown horse on the left, I’m in the black tank top) having some fun team-jumping with Leila and Mickey at Huntcliff

Other news in the horse world, Summer Bird won the Belmont. While the race itself wasn’t all that exciting, I was somewhat disappointed that Calvin Borel and Mine That Bird didn’t win. If they had, Calvin would’ve become the first jockey in history to “win” a Triple Crown on two different horses. Oh well. At least Kent Desormeaux finally gets to add a Belmont Stakes win to his career!

Goodbye Mr. Wally – Thanks for all the memories, I’ll miss you 😦