a *very* busy three-week update & wedding recap!

I’ve been even busier than usual lately, which is hard for even myself to believe. So busy that I sat down to write this last night, got distracted for 2 hours ago by workstuff, finished it and just now found the time to post. Oof.

Ok, so, some quick things first:
* The Tack Shop/Retail Search section on RidingResource.com launched this morning! Go check it out and let me know what you think! clicky!
* We got an air compressor for the garage which I’m super excited about. Anyone needing to use an impact wrench or wanting to air up your tires, stop on by!
* Got my braces tightened again the other week, starting to see progress in the front where it counts. They say I’m still on target for 18-20 months, and it’s already been 9. Woo!
* Been riding a very cute, very tiny pony at Huntcliff since Wally was sold. He’s fun and I look absolutely ridiculous on him (because he’s so small), but I haven’t fallen in love yet. I need a pony of my own. One day…
* Went to a comedy show at The Punchline this past weekend with some friends and saw Lisa Landry who I’ve seen on Comedy Central a few times.
* Finally got around to hanging a new chandelier in the dining room to replace the not-terrible-but-not-pretty one that came with the house.
* Had a fun night out with my trainer last week. Didn’t get home until midnight (on a work night, nonetheless!) but it felt so good to be responsibly irresponsible again. Reminded me of college. Ah, the good old days…
* Attended the SouthEast Linux Fest in Clemson, SC with Erik a few weekends ago. Clemson is an interesting town where you can find an abundance of cheap bars and cows. Dinner that night included a performance from Dual Core, a self-described “nerdcore group featuring music for hackers, by hackers” who were surprisingly dope!

A few weekends ago, I had the honor of being a bridesmaid in a very special wedding – two of my best friends got married! Congratulations to Cori & John, the new Mr. & Mrs. Kern, married on June 21, 2009.

Erik and I flew up to Newark on Friday and hung around Cori’s place with everyone just relaxing and hanging out. I actually hadn’t seen Cori since we graduated from Drexel two years ago and can’t even put into words how thrilled I was to see her.

Saturday was spent getting mani-pedis with The Bride, doing the rehearsal ceremony, begging the rain to stop since it was pouring and partying at the rehearsal dinner.

Sunday was the big day with the ceremony taking place on the beach in Sea Bright, NJ. All the girls got prepped and ready at Cori’s house, helped wrangle her into her beautiful dress, took photos and stuffed ourselves into the limo to head over to the hall. It had been pouring all day, but the rain stopped just long enough for us to get through the entire ceremony (which was beautiful) and take some seaside photos.

The reception itself was fabulous. This was the first time since graduation that all of the Sheep were together in one place. We had fun dancing and celebrating and catching up all night. Fortunately there was no drama nor any overly-embarrassing moments. Cori looked gorgeous as usual and I wish them all the best for a lifetime of love and happiness. Congrats kids!

I got to see my old roommate Monica while I was in town which was awesome. Thanks for hanging out MonBon! Unfortunately the trip home was pretty awful… our flight got delayed which normally wouldn’t be a big deal except that it was a three hour delay, all of which was spent sitting *in the plane on the runway*. Awful. But hey, the important thing is that we got home safely and had an amazing weekend, right? 🙂

The Sheep (minus Kern): me, Cori, Alyssa, EJ and Sarah [06-21-09]

Want to see more fun pictures from the wedding? Friend me on Facebook to get the whole album!

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