Have you seen my baseball?

Holy crap it’s been almost a month! Sorry! I’ve just been so busy lately that every time I sit down to write I get sidetracked by other workstuff. I really shouldn’t complain though – I’m glad to be so busy and I’m glad that RidingResource.com is keeping me that way.

Let’s get right to it, shall we? My good friends Gerard and Gellian got married on July 4th. Nothing says “I love you” like explosives, right? The ceremony was beautiful and I’m so glad they have each other.

EJ was here the other week to make the final arrangements for her big move. That’s right, my bestbestbest friend is moving to Atlanta! Sometimes I really do think I’m the luckiest girl ever. She’s going to grad school and so we took the time to find her a (really dope) apartment and do other “getting situated” things. She’ll be here in the beginning of August and I absolutely can’t wait.

We rode while she was here, but only for 20 minutes as we got caught in an intense torrential downpour that didn’t let up until the next morning. Here’s a picture of the super-cute pony I’ve been riding lately, although I’m way too big for him and I look ridiculous riding him.

Me and Mickey, the tiny pony, at Huntcliff

This weekend I went to my very first baseball game ever with Erik and some friends from work. I know this may come as a shock to everyone being that I grew up in NYC and lived in Philly and LA, but I’d never actually been to a “real” sports event. Erik took me to see the Gwinnett Gladiators last year but that’s minor league hockey; this was my first major league anything. We saw the ATL Braves vs. the NY Mets at Turner Field and I had a really hard time deciding who to cheer for. I live in Atlanta so I should be a Braves supporter, but I grew up in NY so I should like the Mets, although I’ve been a Yankees girl my whole life… hard choice!

My awesome friends made sure I had a great time and did everything “baseball” including lots of beer, cotton candy, cracker jacks, hotdogs (and a corn dog which gave poor Erik food poisoning later that night, LOL), lots of cheering and screaming and overall I had a fantastic time. I love baseball! Oh yeah, the fact that the Braves won 7-to-1 wasn’t bad either. 😉

Who says cotton candy is just for kids? Me and Sonja, playing with our food

I’m heading up to Virginia this weekend for the North vs. South drift event at Virginia International Raceway which should be fun. I’m looking forward to seeing a lot of old friends from NY. I’m also super excited about my impending trip to Spain… only 81 more days!!


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