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Drifting, TobyPony, EJ and windows!

August 26, 2009

Time flies when you’re as busy as I am! I’m just going to highlight the best/most important things from the past month since otherwise this would take me hours to write and just as long for y’all to read.

DGTrials had a second North vs. South drift event at VIR in July and it went pretty well. I convinced my best friend Patrick to drive down from NY to hang out (thanks Pat! Blop!) which was dope since I hadn’t seen him since Thanksgiving. We had a decent number of cars show up. Unfortunately, my good friend Rob decided to take his R-package Miata out for a lap (just to drive, not even drifting) and spun out coming down the hill and slammed into the K-rail barriers, backwards and going fast. Luckily he’s okay, but the car is totaled. First time he ever took it on a track too. 😦

We also ran the Elite Summer Nationals drift event in Spartanburg last month that went well, too. Lots of cars, lots of runs, nobody wrecked – it was a good time. Thanks to all who showed up/drove/helped/etc!

EJ moved to Atlanta for grad school and I couldn’t be happier. Not only is she going to get a killer degree from a great university, but now I have my BFF local instead of thousands of miles away! YAY!

Erik and I recently attended a Pam Slim seminar on “Why Start Ups Fail” so we could get some insight for about what not to do. I think we’re doing something wrong, however, because everything seems to be going right for us (so far)! *knock on wood*

Had dinner with my friend Scott that I went to Drexel with a few nights ago when he was in town for work. EJ knows him too so we went out and had drinks and caught up… the usual. Also went out with some friends to see District 9 – still haven’t decided whether I loved or hated it (or somewhere in between) but it was definitely interesting and way more political than I had expected. Worth a see, though! has been doing well. We upgraded the Barn Details Pages to include some new options, one of which is the ability to add a photo to the page and the general search results listing too. We’re also working on populating the Canadian search section; that should be ready by the end of the year at the latest. Some other things are in the works but I won’t say what they are until they’re definite.

This past weekend we went to a Columbia University send-off party for incoming students from Atlanta. Met some nice kids, reassured some terrified parents, etc. The woman who was the student adviser and had flown in from NYC and we started talking and somehow got on the subject of riding and it turns out that not only did she break her back just like me, but her mom owns one of the most prestigious stables on Long Island! Small world, huh?

Speaking of, riding has been absolutely wonderful lately. I rode a few horses that I didn’t really like and was starting to think that finding my new “Wally” was going to be very difficult. As fate would have it, last Wednesday I rode this supercute little painthorse named Toby and I totally fell in love. He’s like an exact copy of Wally! Same personality, same gaits, same weird little habits, same green/baby things that we will work on and fix, etc. The best part? I get to go ride him in two hours! Yay! Oh, I do have some very good news sort of on that subject, but at the moment it’s very hush-hush top-secret so I can’t say a word about it until January!

Today we got brand new windows installed in our house. They’re energy efficient and double-hung to replace the crappy original ‘80s junky ones. I’m most excited about actually having screens so we can open them for the first time since we moved in 2+ years ago. Can’t wait to get home and play with them!

I’ve got some great things coming up in the next few months that I’m looking forward to including The Girls coming to visit and my trip to Spain!