Cavalia, DMGGMASD2 and riding

What a fun month November has been! Nothing major has happened since my last update but of course that hasn’t stopped me from keeping myself busy.

For those who haven’t heard, Cavalia has been touring the country. It’s an equestrian art performance very similar to Cirque de Soleil in style. Tickets are hella expensive and I’d been wanting to go (but not spend the money, of course). As luck would have it, a very good friend of ours happened to have some extra! We (me, Erik, EJ and Jon) had a lovely dinner at Strip in Atlantic Station before heading over to the tents. Jon got us the Rendez-Vous package tickets which not only guaranteed us great seats but also included hours d’oeuvres and an open bar before the show, desserts during intermission and a tour of the stables to see the horses afterwards. The show itself was incredible and I am so grateful that Jon made this happen for us! If it’s going to be touring near you, I highly recommend you go see it, even if you aren’t a “horse” person!

That weekend Erik and I decided to drive two hours south to the Big Pig Jig, one of the largest BBQ festivals in the country. It was interesting, to say the least; the food was *yummy* and the crowd was great for people-watching.

The following weekend was the 2nd annual greatest drift event that nobody knew about – the DMGGMASD at the Nashville SuperSpeedway. It’s turned into an annual thing now, but basically it’s a private day drift event where we rent out the entire track and play all day on the roadcourse. It’s invite-only, so there are only a limited number of drivers (and friends/family) which makes it a total blast. Erik and I trailered up our E30 BMW so he could drive since Sae’s old SC300 isn’t ready quite yet. The best part? I even got to try my hand at drifting! I’ve honestly never done any sort of motorsport before (with the exception of some drag racing and an autocross 7 years ago) but I didn’t suck too horribly. I managed to get the car sideways and a little slidey which made me happy. It was so much FUN! I can’t wait to try again 🙂

2009 Drift Mechanik’s Gossip Girl Marathon And Some Drifting 2 (DMGGMASD2)

I’ve been riding with Miriam up at ReinCheck while the Huntcliff Equestrian Center recovers from the flood damage. Lately, I’ve been working with this black Thoroughbred named Jet who I’m definitely not in love with but he’s not too bad. Last week we were riding in the outdoor arena at night and he was a little jittery. He spooked once pretty badly and I managed to stay on but he was really tense afterwards. I tried to get him to relax and focus but a few minutes later he spooked again, this time much worse, and dumped me off. I flew through the air quite a distance and managed to land somewhat unpainfully on the back of my hip but my head smashed the ground pretty hard on impact. Not fun. I got up, went to go catch the horse (who had run back to the barn) and got back on to ride some more. He was really worked up at this point so I just trotted him for the next 40 minutes to get the energy out and (try, unsuccessfully, to) get him to relax. Blech. I hadn’t fallen off in over a year and even though I didn’t get hurt, it’s never enjoyable. I was a little sore in my neck/shoulders the next day but that’s just a part of riding.

I went up to ride last night before the holiday and Miriam had trailered over her beautiful 4 year old Hanoverian mare for me to ride (instead of Jet). Genoa has been under saddle, off-and-on, for about eight months. She was definitely the greenest horse I’d ever ridden but I was amazed at how lovely she was. She’s very willing and she has that super-adorable space-cadet mindset that babies tend to have which is hilarious because you can pretty much see her processing thoughts and trying to figure things out. I jumped her a bit and was really impressed with how much power she has! I’m very grateful and flattered that Miriam thinks enough of my riding to trust me with her.

Anyway, up next I’m heading up to New York on Thursday morning for Thanksgiving with Erik. I’ll be back Monday, then I’m in town for four days and we head out on our anniversary vacation. So basically, starting Thursday, I’ll only be home for 4 of the next 18 days. Ha!

Here’s a funny comic that I’ll leave you with which will hopefully brighten your day:
How to Ride a Pony

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