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The Best Week That Never Happened!

January 13, 2010

So I may be a few weeks late with this, but… Happy 2010!

After getting back from our cruise, all I wanted to do was relax and take it easy for a while; 2009 had been quite the busy year for me! For Christmas, Erik and I did the traditional Jew-mas of going out for Chinese food and seeing a movie.

My great friend Sarah (who I knew from the Drexel University Equestrian Team) decided that she didn’t want to be home while on break from grad school so she came to stay for a week. We spent New Year’s Eve partying at Dan and Jill’s beautiful new home and hanging out with some really incredible friends. New Year’s Day we kept the IHOP-breakfast tradition alive and had everyone from the night before join us to make it even more special. Two days later we went with a group of like 20 other friends to Korean BBQ and karaoke. Sarah had never been to either and she (as well as myself!) had a great time. I really wish we did this more often; I love me some Korean BBQ yum-meat! Sarah, however, is convinced that this was “the best week that never happened” because of the overwhelming lack of photographic evidence.

Riding has been pretty decent lately. I’m with a new trainer now that Miriam has left to pursue bigger dreams. Last week I rode a new-to-me horse and really didn’t enjoy him at all. It was one of the most “blah” rides I’d had in a long time and it left me feeling pretty down. Last night I rode a horse who I hadn’t ridden in over a year and was actually surprised at how well he goes now. I’m nowhere near being in love, especially not like I was with Wally or Toby (poor Toby is incredibly lame and on stall-rest for an undetermined amount of time), but it was a really nice change after last week’s mess. I really need my own horse…

Spent this last weekend sitting around the house and catching up with Miss EJ since she’d been back home in snowy Utah for the past 4 weeks. Gah, I missed her so much! We hid from the cold (people in Atlanta were panicked over the “blizzard” that we had… it was just a dusting with no accumulation! LOL) and I couldn’t have asked for anything more perfectly low-key.

Erik hurt himself really badly at judo last night. Apparently they were practicing throws and he landed weirdly and another guy fell on top of him, dislocating his left shoulder and possibly doing some tendon/ligament/cartilage damage. He’s going to the orthopedist tomorrow to get checked out but I’m a bit worried, so please keep your fingers crossed that he’s okay and won’t need surgery!

I’m also proud to report that in my very first year as a real-life business owner I actually turned a profit! That’s right, did not post a loss in its first year! How cool is that? 🙂

One last thing – it is very important that you watch American Idol’s Atlanta auditions tonight. I’ll post more after the fact, but please tune in!!