Racing, riding, a blizzard and a wedding.

Yeah, yeah, so I haven’t updated in over a month… whatever.

Erik and I went down to Tampa last month to help our friends at Full Auto Motorsports run the timing equipment for a dope gymkhana/autox and drift event they put on. The event itself was great and I’m looking forward to heading back down for the next one!

I also had the pleasure of babysitting a wonderful Thoroughbred named Fergus for the past month while his mommy was out of town. We worked a lot on getting him to relax, bend and go in a frame. Even though it was just a month he really made a lot of progress and I’m super proud of him. I’m also incredibly grateful for such a wonderful opportunity!

Valentine’s was nice; Erik always does his best to make it a special day. He had planned on surprising me with a picnic but thanks to the 4+ inches of snow we received two days prior (yes, 4″ is considered a “blizzard” in Atlanta and yes, I also find it hilarious) he had to improvise a bit by moving the picnic into our sunroom. Either way it was so thoughtful and sweet and I couldn’t have been more pleased.

Yesterday I had a pretty crappy day; people were aggravating me at work and I was just in an overall icky mood. I headed over to Huntcliff for my weekly lesson and was surprised to see Erik’s car there. He had decided to come watch to cheer me up! I rode Toby and I seriously can’t get over how much I love that pony. He’s such a sweetie and so much fun to ride! My trainer keeps trying to convince me to buy him and I really wish I could but there’s no way I could afford to do so and take care of him should something happen. I hate this pile of student loan debt. 😦

Lastly, I’d like to congratulate the new Mr. and Mrs. Petitone! My good friends Laura and Joe got married this past Friday and am so thrilled for them. Jill and I were bridesmaids and the wedding itself was beautiful. I wish them all the best and lots of happiness in their new life together!

Jill and I: beautiful bridesmaids! Sorry for the funny face; I’m still learning how to smile.

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