snowboarding, hockey, cars and riding

I feel like the more I try to make some downtime for myself to relax, the more things I find (or find me) to keep me busy. Not that that’s a bad thing – far from it – I hate being bored!

We went out to Utah from March 12-14 to go snowboarding at Snowbasin again. It was a really great trip because Alyssa, Sarah and our friend Seth decided to join us this year! We stayed with EJ and her parents who took wonderful care of us and had a blast goofing off and getting hurt. I wasn’t expecting much of what I learned last year to “stick” but I was very surprised at how quickly I picked it up again; Seth even taught me to successfully ride on my toe edge! I’ve been shopping around for a board to buy and am already looking forward to next year’s trip. New hobby? Yes!

Seth, EJ, Sarah, Alyssa, me and Erik at Snowbasin in Utah

Two weekends ago I went to go see Miranda Lambert play at a local club. I’ve been a huge fan of hers for years (she’s a rebel-girl country singer) and was thrilled to finally get to see her live. The thousands of screaming, redneck fans, however, I could have done without 😉

The next day me, Erik, EJ and Mikey went to go see the Atlanta Thrashers play the Philadelphia Flyers. EJ and I had never been to a pro hockey game before and we both were excited that our new and old homes were playing against each other so it made the game that much more fun to watch. Atlanta won and I can’t say I was disappointed in the least.

This past weekend a whole big group of us went down to the High Museum of Art for their “Allure of the Automobile” exhibit which featured some unbelievably incredible cars from the last century; they truly are works of art. I was floored by how technologically advanced some of them were even at almost 100 years old!

Riding has been going well lately. I’ve been working with Toby consistently, trying to get him to relax and stop being resistant. I went out the other weekend and just spent an hour working with him on my own to get him to give to the bit and go in a frame. We made a lot of progress but unfortunately he’s a school horse who is subject to the kicks and pulls of lesson students and has quickly reverted back to his old ways. It’s definitely a bummer but he makes up for it when we fly over jumps and have fun. I love that little pony…

Anyway, that’s it for now. Some other exciting things are going on but I’d rather not publicize them here… yet!

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