Whitewater Rafting Adventures!

A few weekends ago Erik and I went white water rafting for the first time with some friends. I honestly didn’t know what to expect and the friends kept making it sound like a really big deal so I’ll admit I was a little bit nervous. We went to the Nantahala Outdoor Center to raft the Ocoee River in Tennessee and it was so much fun! We did the upper and middle sections of the river and spent about 5 hours on the water. We did mostly Class IV rapids and a few Class Vs and I absolutely can’t wait to go again next year! At one point I started feeling alternating warm and cool breezes and mentioned that I thought a storm was about to roll in. No more than 5 minutes later it started raining and there was lightning all over. It freaked me out a bit to be stuck in a lightning storm in a tiny little raft in the middle of a river but we survived unscathed. Go us!

Me, Erik and some friends whitewater rafting on the Ocoee River in TN

Erik’s mom Linda came to visit us for a weekend which was great. We spent the weekend relaxing and hanging out with his cousin, his cousin’s new wife and their adorable new baby boy! We also took advantage of the Atlanta Restaurant Week that was happening and went to Paschal’s for some yummy southern food.

That same weekend, a 52′ moving truck showed up in front of my house. Long story short, I was the recipient of my youth in the form of dozens of boxes. Most of it was junk that I threw out but I’m happy to say my collection of Breyer horses and all the ribbons/trophies I won from horse shows when I was younger are now safely in my room once again.

Riding at Huntcliff is going well. Toby got sold a few weeks ago and while I do miss him like crazy, I’m happy that he found a family to love him and treat him well. I’ve been riding different horses each week and haven’t really found anyone that I love (yet), although a new Hanoverian named Navi is a real sweetheart and seems promising.

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