PRI, 6 years of “us”, Wedding progress, Christmas and more

Well, this will be my last update of 2010. It’s been an okay year overall with plenty of ups and downs but at least it was memorable.

First, I’d like to welcome one of my bestest friends, Sarah, to Atlanta! She’s moving here today and I am soooo excited to be able to spend more time with her!

Erik recently celebrated his 30th birthday so he’s officially a grown up now (at least he is on paper). We had a big birthday dinner for him with a ton of friends at a local Korean BBQ place and it made me smile to see him smiling so much.

I was down in Orlando a few weeks ago for the Performance Racing Industry (PRI) trade show. PRI is a lot like the SEMA show in that it’s automotive-centric, but unlike SEMA, PRI is specifically focused on hardcore racers and racing products. I was with Precision Turbo & Engine and spent three days working the booth, talking to people, seeing some old friends and generally having a blast. It’s funny but when it has to do with racecars, work feels more like fun to me. I also ran into some of my coworkers from when I was at Garrett and it was wonderful to see them again. I’m especially grateful to the entire PTE crew for making me feel like a part of the team and for their hospitality. Everyone go buy a Precision turbo, now!! 😀 PRI shout-outs to Full-Race and Enzo Racing, too!

Precision Turbo & Engine’s booth at the 2010 PRI show.

While in Florida, Erik and I also celebrated our 6 year anniversary. Sometimes I can’t believe we’ve been together this long and other days I feel like we’ve been together forever. Regardless, we waited until we were back in Atlanta before officially celebrating with a fabulous dinner at Tom Colicchio’s Craft. Everything was delicious and I ate so much I was in tremendous physical pain. Craft is the absolute best restaurant I’ve ever been to in my life, hands down, and they’re closing! If you live in Atlanta, make sure you get there soon before it’s too late!

Last week I took off from TMP so that Erik and I could continue our wedding planning by hitting up as many potential venues as possible. We looked at 19 different places, met with a planner and stopped by a bridal services boutique store – woo I am tired!!! The first 18 venues we visited were all nice but not quite what I had in mind and I was starting to get incredibly discouraged, it was awful. Then, with lucky number 19, we found the absolute perfect place! I’m SO excited! I won’t say what it is yet (in case it doesn’t work out) but I’m hoping we can make it work within our budget and book soon so we can lock in a date. Keep your fingers crossed!

Christmas eve we cooked a big dinner and had some friends over which was nice; it makes me so happy when the house is full of people we love. The next day, Erik, EJ and I opened presents then did the good-Jew-on-Christmas traditional Chinese food and a movie thing (Tron, which was awesome, by the way). Overall it was very low-key but that’s exactly what I had wanted!

Switching gears (no pun intended), Damnit came home last night after having spent over a year up at Balanced Performance getting work done. (Damnit it is our ’92 Lexus SC300 that used to belong to our friend Sae Kang who passed away a few years ago.) I’m excited that Erik will have something to race now and that we still have a bit of Sae still in our lives.

Now, let’s get 2011 started!!

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