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Atlanta Blizzard, Hockey, Ladies and the Wedding

January 31, 2011

We’re almost into February and I haven’t even posted an update yet! Happy New Year and whatnot, I guess.

We had a party at our house to celebrate 2011 and also to officially welcome Sarah to Atlanta! It was nice getting everyone together and I especially liked not having to drive home after a late night. 😉

A few weeks later there was a freak snowstorm in Atlanta and we wound up getting about 6″ of snow. Seriously. In Atlanta. Crazy, right? So anyway, the “blizzard” wound up being pretty awful since it didn’t get above freezing for a week which, combined with the fact that Atlanta does not plow or salt its roads, means everywhere was completely iced over and I got trapped at home with no way to leave. The driveway was a 1/2″ of solid ice and there was no way the Miata could have made it up all the hills in my neighborhood. The worst part was that Erik was in Raleigh for work so I was completely alone for an entire week and it sucked! By the time I finally got back into the office, I had been home for a total of 10 days straight. Ugh! It was definitely an adventure, though. Watching the news was hilarious. People were abandoning their cars on the interstate and literally ice skating on Peachtree Street in downtown Atlanta.

Snow “turbo” that I built during the Great Atlanta Blizzard of 2011, complete with a machined billet compressor wheel! LOL

Last week Erik and I hit up Philips Arena for an Atlanta Thrashers vs. Washington Capitals game in a dope VIP suite thanks to our friends Tim and Sara. The game itself was okay (Thrashers won 1-0) but it was hanging out and meeting new people that was really the best.

Speaking of entertainment, we also picked up a sweet 50″ plasma TV for a killer price from a friend of ours. In the words of the great Black Flag, TV PARTY TONIGHT!!

This past weekend, EJ, Sarah and I had a lesson all together at Huntcliff. I hadn’t ridden in a month due to the crazy weather we’ve been having here lately and it was okay but I still really, really miss Toby. I haven’t found another horse that comes even remotely close to how awesome he was. *sigh*

Saturday night a bunch of us ladies did a “Girls Night” that we’re hoping to make a regular occurance. Eight of us met up for dinner and then saw No Strings Attached which I thought would be good but it absolutely exceeded my expectations. It’s hilarious and pretty non-click-flick-y for a chick-flick, if that makes any sense. I had a blast with the girls and I think it’s so strange how my whole life the majority of my friends have been dudes but now I’m surrounded by a fantastic group of ladies. I’m fortunate either way, though, and grateful for that.

As for the wedding, we’re slowly but steadily making progress. We met with a wedding planner who we absolutely loved (Daria from Circle of Love Weddings) and decided to claim her for our date. I’m looking forward to working with her and getting started on the planning! We’re also in the process of locking down our venue and will be signing those contracts within a week or two. Fingers crossed!