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Punk rock, snowboarding adventures and cute couple-y stuff.

March 8, 2011

It’s been another fun month filled with friends and lots of “busy”, but hey, that’s my life and I like it!

If you know me even a little bit, you know that I absolutely love punk rock music. I’m not talking the watered-down crap you hear on the radio but the real stuff. The in-your-face, wild, rebellious-youth mohawks-and-safety-pins punk rock. Lucky for me, I grew up in NYC so I got to go to hundreds of amazing shows. Somehow, I’m still not quite sure, I managed to never see NOFX (I heard they suck live, though). Well, that all changed last month! They played here in Atlanta at the Masquerade with the Bouncing Souls (who I also absolutely love) and I finally got to go! The show was pretty awesome, despite the sound guy sucking majorly. Both bands played all my favorites and I’m glad I no longer have to live with the shame of never having seen one of the greats. 😛

I was sitting at work one Friday and saw an ad on Facebook for “free couples photography”. Normally I don’t click FB ads but that one intrigued me, and I was a little bored. Turns out a local photographer was trying to build his engagement/wedding portfolio and needed couples to act cute in front of his lens. Erik and I were happy to oblige and not only did the shots turn out awesome, but the photographer, Darrell Ardita, turned out to be a pretty cool dude! We had a great time and definitely recommend him!

I love this shot. The rest came out great, too! See them all at:

We celebrated Valentine’s Day with an awesome dinner at Taka Sushi. It was also their 9th year in business so they were celebrating their anniversary with $0.09 appetizers and sake. Cool!!

Riding has been, um, “meh” lately. There really aren’t any good school horses for me to ride at Huntcliff and I haven’t had any fun at all for months. I’m just so sick of riding horses that are completely dead to my leg, my hand, my seat, etc. or that are crazy and I wind up having to train them for the hour. No, not cool and definitely not fair considering I work my butt off 80 hours a week just so I can afford to spend 1 hour in the saddle. Anyway, one of the super-nice girls there has very generously offered one of her horses for me to ride and I am incredibly grateful! The horse is really nice and I’m looking forward to riding not being miserable anymore. *fingers crossed*

We spent last weekend out in Utah for our annual snowboard trip with some friends. We all crashed at EJ’s parents place (thank you Debby and Bill!) and they, as always, were amazing hosts. We hit up Snowbasin on Friday and I finally got off the Bunny Slope and did some Green/Blue trails! I was breaking in my new board and unfortunately it wasn’t set up right for me but I was too lazy to fix it so I got super exhausted by riding incorrectly all day. Regardless, it was fun. Saturday we took the day off to recover, run errands and just hang out. Sunday we went back to the mountain and (after having adjusted my board) had a great time, although I did notice that one of my brand new bindings had broken. Bummer. I was painfully tired by the end of the day but it was worth it. I’m already looking forward to going back next year!

As for wedding progress, we’re currently interview photographers and hope to have someone picked by April. I found a great videographer that we’re in love with (Three Ring Media) and we just sent in the deposit. As always, you can visit to stay up to date on the planning progress.

Speaking of websites, I also finally got around to building my site. I’ve had the domain and layout for years but there was no content and the code was very, very out of date. Go check out the new and improved version! 🙂