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Lots of Car Fun, Wedding Updates and Horsies.

June 28, 2011

So as many of you know, I’m currently working for Precision Turbo & Engine doing marketing and other fun things. Last month, the NHRA was in town and I got to attend as a PTE employee to work the event. I spent two days at the track surrounded by insanely high-horsepower racecars and incredibly nice people. I was taking photos/videos for Precision and therefore got the amazing once-in-a-lifetime chance to stand right up on the starting line while the Pro Mod cars launched. I even got to hang out just a few feet away from the Top Fuel and Funny Cars! The latter resulted in me being absolutely covered in little black bits of tire, but it was unreal and the power these cars produced was unlike anything I had ever experienced before. Overall the weekend was fabulous and while none of the Precision boosted cars won the Pro Mod class, I came away feeling like the event was a success. I’m incredibly grateful to the entire PTE crew for giving me this opportunity and for having the chance to meet so many wonderful people!

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Speaking of cars, the annual VW/German car extravaganza known as Southern Worthersee went down in north GA. We went with some friends and spent the day wandering around looking at cool cars and eating yummy German food. This event is always a blast and I think they had 1,000+ cars this year in attendance!

Other notable things that have happened since my last post: it’s now been officially four years that Erik and I have been homeowners. It blows my mind how quickly time has passed. Also, I’ve started my search for the perfect wedding dress and I’m convinced it does not exist. I can’t reveal any details of what I want because I do want it to be a surprise the actual day-of, but I’ve been to a ton of stores and tried on a billion dresses and none of them have made me feel like they’re The One. All those stupid wedding shows on TV make it look like it’s soooo easy to pick the perfect dress and that is definitely NOT the case in my situation! Oh well, I’ll keep looking… We’re thisclose to booking a florist and DJ, though, so at least we’re making progress with that.

As for riding, things are going well at Huntcliff. I’ve been riding Blue who is wonderful and finally feel like I don’t suck anymore. I went down to the PoloBear Polo Club in Tyrone, GA with some friends to try my hand at polo again and had a blast. I rode a lovely gray Criollo mare named Memphis and was impressed at how good a pony she was. We played a mini game (just one long chukkar) and I’m absolutely addicted. I can’t wait to play polo again!

Lots of exciting things are in the works for the next few weeks – stay tuned!