ReRe Remix 5.0, Friends, Wedding Updates, etc.

Yet again I’ve put off updating for what seems like forever but this time I’ll be completely honest and admit it was (mostly) due to laziness and procrastination.

Every year my best friends from college come down to Atlanta to visit and we entertain ourselves for days on end being silly and going on random adventures. This year, Alyssa and Tom flew down to join me, EJ, Sarah and Erik. We roadtripped to Tennessee to do fun tourist-y stuff. Our first stop was at Rock City, a gigantic rock outcropping/formation on a mountain in Chattanooga that’s got incredible outlooks and views of up to seven surrounding states, beautiful gardens and lots more.

After Rock City we stopped for lunch at a local eatery and then went over to Rock City’s sister attraction, Ruby Falls, the largest underground waterfall in the country. After an hour-long adventure exploring the amazingly gorgeous cave itself, we finally got to see the falls. To say the entire experience was stunning does not do it justice. I know it may sound cheesy, but I highly recommend checking both of these attractions out if you’re nearby!

In addition to lots of yummy nomming and general laziness, we also went to Stone Mountain for their Fourth of July Laser Show Spectacular. They had changed it up a bit from the show we saw last year and the new special effects really were pretty spectacular! I had a great weekend with my ladies (and the boys!) but as always it wasn’t nearly long enough.

Click here for the whole “ReRe Remix 5.0 – Rock City & Ruby Falls” album

The following weekend was my bestie’s birthday! To celebrate the world enjoying another year of EJ we got a group of friends together and went to Six Flags White Water for a day of splashing around on waterslides. Afterwards we had a nice little dinner and party at Sarah’s house which was a blast. Speaking of friends and the ladies, we’ve all been trying (and succeeding!) to do a monthly Girls Night were we all get together and just have fun. August’s was dinner out and then relaxing and dessert at Sarah’s yet again – her apartment rocks!

This past Friday marked the one-year anniversary of Erik and I getting engaged (August 12, 2010). To celebrate, we went to a really fun wine tasting at the Atlanta Wine School and had a great time learning, sipping and meeting new people. On that same subject, the wedding is almost 100% done being planned. We’ve booked our DJ, florist and rabbi. All that’s left is for me to buy my dress, order invitations and put the whole thing together! We’re still 10 months out and I still can’t believe how easy it’s been. I’m sure I’ll regret saying that once the wedding actually gets closer, though, and things get more chaotic. πŸ˜‰

Riding hasn’t been great lately, but that’s no one’s fault except for Mother Nature’s. The past few lessons have been canceled either due to excessive heat or to rain – I haven’t ridden in three weeks! Yuck! I’m supposed to ride tomorrow with a new trainer and hopefully that will actually happen. I’m simultaneously looking forward to it and dreading the pain and soreness that I know will follow soon after. Wish me luck!


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