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Adventures in Alabama, Wedding Dress Shopping and an Earthquake

September 19, 2011

When I was 14 I got trampled by a horse. I wound up fracturing some vertebrae in my back and compressing a few disks. I also hurt my ankle really badly and was told at the time that I had partially torn a tendon. I’ve had back/ankle problems ever since but never went to the doctor because when I initially had the accident I was told there wasn’t anything that could be done to help. Lately I’ve started to notice some changes in my ankle which kind of freaked me out so I decided to finally go to the orthopedist and get it looked at. At the time of the appointment, I was so absolutely furiously livid with how awful the doctor was that I couldn’t stop ranting. Now, several weeks later, I’ve calmed down to the point where I don’t care to rehash the entire visit but I do want to say that the doctor I saw at Southern Orthopaedic Specialists was such a complete and total dickhead to me that I absolutely, positively do NOT recommend anyone go there. Ever. They were AWFUL. He didn’t listen to a word I said, focused on another area than what was hurting me, implied I was fabricating the entire story/pain and refused to even acknowledge anything pertaining to a tendon injury. After 45 minutes I was so upset that I literally just got up and walked out. If anyone wants more specific details I will be happy to explain further but if you need an orthopedist in Atlanta, do NOT go to SOS!!

Anyway, on to more fun stuff, like the earthquake we had a few weeks ago. I’ve always wanted to feel an earthquake; not a major, catastrophic one like Northridge, but just “a little tickle” sort of shimmy. I lived in Los Angeles from 2004-2006 and never once felt anything. Well, I was sitting in a conference room on the 18th floor for the monthly meeting at the advertising agency that I work at and I felt this weird shaking… They’re building a new highrise next to our building and there have been a few construction mishaps since we moved here so I thought maybe they had hit our building or something. When it didn’t stop I looked around to see if anyone was jiggling their leg against my chair and realized the blinds were moving… wait, what?! I was totally confused. Then someone suggested it was an earthquake. In Atlanta? Seriously? No way. Turns out they were right, though, and I got to experience my very first earthquake!! It was SO awesome! 😀 Crazy how I lived in California and never felt even a tiny one yet I move to the south and BAM, biggest earthquake in VA history. LOL. I wish I had felt more, though, to be honest, but it was still fun nonetheless. Lifelong dream = achieved.

Went to the Ruby Hoedown in Nashville with Erik a few weeks ago. It’s a computer convention that he goes to for work and I tag along for a weekend of catching up on sleep. This year was fun, it was nice to see some of the guys and enjoy a little time off. Nashville’s a great city and I always enjoy a visit. On the way home we stopped by the Jack Daniel Distillery in Lynchburg, TN for a tour of the facility and it was surprisingly very, very interesting!

Speaking of visits, EJ’s man invited me and Erik to spend the weekend with them at his friend’s lake house in Talladega, Alabama for Labor Day weekend. We detoured through the absolutely beautiful Talladega National Forest on the way there and got to play on some fun gravel roads. The house itself was really cool and EJ’s guy’s friend was super nice. He had a boat that we got to go out on and a jetski we could play with! I’d never ridden a jetski before but after I got over the initial “omg I am going to die” fear, I maxed it out at 60 MPH. It was so much fun! Unfortunately, Tropical Storm Lee dampened our plans (literally) and so we spent the evening and following day hanging around the house eating, napping and watching movies which actually wound up being perfect.

Yay I didn’t die!

The wedding plans are coming along well. We’re done with all of the big stuff and I finally purchased my wedding dress the other week. I’m not going to say what it is because I want to keep it a surprise, but the overall look I’m going for is “classy disco ball”. It will be awesomeness.

Spent some time with my ladyfriends who I lovelovelove. We had a big Girls Night dinner and then went to see The Help after which was great, I definitely recommend checking it out. I also did a class at the Circus Arts Institute with some friends which was cool. We did some trapeze-y work and I (finally) learned how to properly climb a rope. Speaking of fitness, I now have a new riding instructor yet again. This makes 4 in 6 months due to scheduling issues at the barn. Ugh. I’m so not happy. Blue is an awesome horse, I just wish I had a trainer to match.