Holidays and General Life Updates

I keep putting off updating this and putting it off and putting it off because I’m so busy with a million other things (work, the wedding, life, etc.) but I feel like the more I put it off, the more it stresses me out because then more time has gone by and there are more events to write about! Ack!

So Christmas was nice, although now it was so far ago I can barely remember what happened. I know we did the typical movie-and-Chinese-food thing but other than that, it eludes me. I had taken the following week off from one of my jobs so it was nice to be working a normal 40-hour week instead of the 80 I’ve been doing for the past year or so. We had a party at our house on New Year’s which got a little crazy but hey, that’s kind of the point of a party, right? The next morning we went out for our traditiona IHOP breakfast with a bunch of friends and I think it’s a great way to start the new year, being surrounded by loved ones and all.

January was a blur of work and general craziness. I started riding with a new trainer at Huntcliff towards the beginning of the year and I am really loving her. I’m still absolutely terrified of falling off and getting hurt again since my accident back in November and consequently my confidence is completely and totally gone – I used to be a badass and now I’m such a baby. She’s great about working with me though (ie: tolerating me crying for no reason) and is really encouraging. I feel like she’s helped me to make a lot of progress but I know there’s still a very, very long way for me to go before I can ride like I used to. Oh well, at least I’m on the right track!

Erik surprised me with a very, very lovely Valentine’s day. He sent a gorgeous bouquet of roses to me at work along with the sweetest note ever, then I came home to find him all dressed up and we went to a wonderful dinner at one of our favorite restaurants. On top of all of that, he got us a gift certificate for a fun trail ride and picnic, once the weather warms up! He’s the bestest. 🙂

Things with the wedding are going well. We’re now 3.5 months away and everything is still going smoothly. We have a few final details to figure out and some small projects to work on (not to mention actually sending the invitations, ha!) but otherwise things seem to be all set. Erik’s got the honeymoon planned and booked which should be really awesome. I had my first wedding dress fitting this past weekend and other than the alterations lady accidentally pricking her finger and bleeding all over the back of the dress (woops!) it fit perfectly! They assured me they will get it cleaned, though, and considering we still have plenty of time I’m not at all worried. If this is the worst thing that happens during the wedding (and planning) then I think I’m pretty lucky!

I’ve also been trying to pick up some more freelance motorsports clients so that I can start to make that my primary focus. If you (or anyone you know) knows of someone who could use some marketing, communications, or social media help – please send them my way! I have a whole long list of services that I can provide and I promise you I am pretty freakin’ awesome. Check out for proof.


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