Racing, Riding and Wedding News

Well, another few months have gone by and as usual, my life has been a nonstop whirlwind of craziness and adventure.

Back in February, Erik and I drove down to Valdosta for the “Night the Lights Went Out in GA 3” drag race at South Georgia Motorsports Park. I was there to work with Precision and sell gear in our super-awesome fancypants booth, and, despite some pretty atrocious weather, we had a spectacular weekend! I love SGMP and it was a great kickoff to the new racing season, despite most of the weekend getting rained out.

In March I found out that one of my favorite bands, The Casualties, were playing here in Atlanta. I used to go see them all the time when I lived in New York and was really excited. Then I got the news that a good friend of mine who I hadn’t seen in 10 years was also going to be at the show! I upgraded from really excited to super excited and had a blast hanging out with Deuce and Rick. The show at the Drunken Unicorn was awesome – they played a great set, we sold a ton of merch (I was helping) and I totally felt like I was 16 again. Good times. 🙂

Riding has been okay lately, but not great. I’m really loving my new trainer but I’m still having confidence issues. I wasn’t expecting it to take me this long to get over that accident… I’m not at all comfortable being this wussy! It just may be me subconsciously being afraid of getting hurt so close to the wedding, through – I really don’t want to go down the aisle on crutches! LOL

Speaking of wedding stuff, I’ve had a few dress fittings so far and they’re going well, but I’m still waiting for the shop to finish up a few small changes and now that we’re just two months away and I haven’t gotten any real updates on its progress, I’m starting to worry. Last weekend we met with our florist to go over some of the d&eecute;cor details, etc… We had our menu tasting/selection at the Ritz this week and everything was fabulously delicious. We both went home painfully stuffed and feeling confident about what we chose. I’m excited for our cake – it’s going to be so yummy!!

Similarly, back in February, Erik had taken me over to Ascot Diamonds to have me custom-design a setting for the solitaire engagement ring he proposed with. After a few rounds of CAD revisions, the ring was finished and I went in to pick it up. To say it’s incredible is the understatement of the century. It’s absolutely gorgeous and everything I could have hoped for. I’m beyond in love with it (and Erik!) and can’t stop playing with the dang thing because it’s so ridiculously sparkly! Yay!

This past weekend, my unbelievably awesome girlfriends through me the best bridal shower ever. They decorated everywhere with pink and glitter and pretty things. We had a delicious taco bar dinner and then played some pretty silly and very fun shower games. The first one they had conspired with Erik to get very difficult questions about his life that I had to answer and for every one I got wrong, I had to put a half a gumball in my mouth. I did not do well. LOL. Another good one was the “stick in the hole” game where teams of two girls were blindfolded, spun in circles, and then given a roll of toilet paper and a stick. One girl had to put the stick between her knees and try and get it into the “hole” of the toilet paper which the other girl was holding between her knees. It was HILARIOUS and actually pretty difficult! Then it was time for presents and ice cream! We finished off the night with the always-fun “make a wedding dress from toilet paper” competition. Overall, it was a great night and I am so incredibly fortunate to have such amazing ladies in my life. I’m so thankful to have them!! ❤

Me and my amazing Maid of Honor, EJ, at my bridal shower on March 31, 2012. To view all the photos, click this link:


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