another update

thursday: me and lex went to dinner, it’s so nice being able to hang out with him again. i really enjoy his company so much. it’s nice to have one of my best friends back in my life… 🙂
after dinner we went back to his apartment where i got to play auto modellista (woo!) and got an R32 painted the exact same color as my car and then i put some bronze LM GT4s on it and omg omg omg it looked soooo gooodddddd now I’m really excited about my wheels coming 😀
after video games and me messing around with an obnoxiously pink skyline, we went down to west river drive to take some ill night pictures of lex’s car (which can be seen here) and it was fun.
then damien called and said him and dan were coming to philly since he finally got the s14 running (although it did catch on fire *again*, which is fire #8) they got down here just as me and alex were finishing up with the photoshoot. so we grabbed steve and we all jammed
into the s14 (which is not an easy thing to do) and headed down to pats&genos to get steaks. they left here around 1030pm b/c damien had work and still had like a 1.5 hour drive back to edison. it was so nice seeing him though… i ❤ kissing him. there’s just something about him that i really like, i don’t know what it is, but everytime i see him i feel like i’m 5. and it really fucking sucks b/c i wish i could just get over him already!! grr.
friday: so i woke up at 7am to go to work, and it was blizzarding outside. so i said fuck this and went back to sleep. woke up at 8, still blizzarding. still blizzarding at 9 and 10am as well, and i gave up and just slept all day. when i woke up at 1pm, it was sunny as hell, all the snow was melted, and i was like oh fuck i didn’t even call work… haha. i just didn’t show up. but apparently everyone else took the day off too so i am safe.
drove up to jersey, caravanned up with like 5 other cars… got to brooklyn around 9pm. the meet was really good we had a lot of people show up. we had fun with shrinkwrap. and if you weren’t there, don’t even bother asking, because it is way beyond explanation.
here’s a clip from the night:

left brooklyn around midnight b/c it was freezing cold. chilled with patrick and joe and john for a bit…
3C/b>: call me lazy but i had to get my oil changed and well since the only tools i own are a screwdriver and a flashlight, i had to go somewhere to get it done. yep. i know. i really suck at life. but whatever. so the only place that was open was jiffy lube (haha) and omg i love that place now. i pulled up with my car with my mom and pat in it, and immediately every single guy that worked there was swarming around my car like white on rice. they were asking me all these questions and shit and loving my car it was so funny. so while the car is over the pit where they do the oilchange i was like hey can you just check the gearoil level b/c my tranny has been feeling kinda funny lately and i think it may be low. so the guy was like, screw that, girl we like you, how about we change it for ya for free. i was like fuck yeah! so i got an oil change (full synthetic) and tranny flush/refill for like $50 😀 so sometimes laziness does pay off!
after i taught my mom how to drive a stick again (yes with my car) cause she hasn’t driven manual in over about 30 years. she did really well i was very surprised, she didn’t stall once, and my car has a heavy clutch. she did however, keep trying to shift to neutral and double clutch it… i finally realized that she’s never driven a car with syncrhos! it was pretty funny, but once i clued her in on the fact you can go straight from gear to gear, she was rockin out.
sunday: drove home. cleaned the entire apartment because apparently when roommates move out (this excludes maddy) they like to leave the place a fucking mess and a half. gr. but now i have the apartment all to myself for a week! lucky me! maddy comes home saturday while i’m in ohio, and our new roommate, this chick erin, she moves in saturday too. i spoke to her once or twice she seems pretty cool… she is ‘into cars’ and drives a 97 mustang. this is gonna be interesting to say the very least…


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